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I have a Canon A95 camera and so far I know nothing about how to operate most of its manual controls, I would like to change that. I think that it takes pretty good pictures in auto mode but I know they can be better. A lot of the pictures I take seem to have some noise in them, is there a setting I can use to reduce this? Hopefully the examples below will work.

I used Macro mode on this one, I think it has good detail but a bit of noise is present esp. when you enlarge it.

Again same deal on this one.

If you have an Imagestation acount you can see a few more pics I have taken, I am not even sure if the above ones will work for all but they can be found here as well.


Just looking for a few suggestions, thanks.
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Image Station doesn't allow direct linking (it's in their contract when you sign up) so I had to edit those links to view your pictures.

But the best ways to control noise is as follows:
-Shoot at the lowest ISO setting you can.
-Most cameras have more trouble in dark areas, so shoot with a good deal of light (this can, of course, destroy the mood of your picture.)
-Use noise removal software.

The last one works very well. Software like NeatImage or NoiseNinja will process your image, learn the pattern of the noise and then remove it from the image. It can cost you some image detail, but sharpening can bring some of that back.

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Thanks for the suggestions and sorry about the links. I have noticed that the lighter it is the lower the noise and I will try playing with the ISO speed and look into some noise reduction software.
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ALWAYS carry a tripod with you if you are going to be shooting in low light situations.
especially with lower ISO.
mine never leaves ISO50 unless i really have to.

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