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Default reflector

Hi, I'm thinking of investing in a reflector for outdoor portrait work. I usually only do families in natural light, however, I've had a few seniors ask for their portraits. I don't have the money or the time to invest in off camera flash softboxes...so, will a reflector help in the meantime? If so, what kind do I buy?

Nikon d90, sb-700 and 24-70 2.8.

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yes they will help depending on where you take your shot. there are several on the market i got a 42 inch with several interchangeable colours, from amazon and it was about 10 with delivery. they go up in price and features like stands, if you do need a stand then make sure its a good one and will not blow over if used out doors
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Reflectors are a really good accessory for outdoor portrait work. It is often necessary to have an assistant to manage the reflector, though. The position of the sun is constantly changing, which means your lighting is going to, also. It may not be critical, though. Keeping the reflector from blowing away in the wind will require extra hands, though.
The up side of reflectors, is that you can get much more light than from a flash, so filling in shadows is easier. Using a warm color reflector should also give you better looking skin tones, especially with people who are lighter skinned.

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Short answer yes, reflectors, scrims, flags and gobos are very usfull tools in both sun and with strobes.
The larger and closer the reflector is to the subject the softer more wraparound the light becomes (same goes for a softbox)
In continuous light an incident light meter becomes a very useful tool in setting up your ratios, same goes for a flash meter if using multiple strobes.

We use Photoflex and Westcott products, quality is very good from both of them.

The reflector holders work very well, but even mounted on a heavy light stand they will try to take off in the wind unless sandbagged.
An assistant or two depending on size to handle each one is often needed.

Photography by Barbara London is used as a text by many students working towards their certification ticket.
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Thanks for your responses. I orded the 40" 5 in 1 reflector from Westcot. I do have an extra set of hands for my first outdoor senior shoot, I don't need the stand yet. Wish me luck!!

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one more thing, practice folding it up a few times before you take it out, they can be tricky the first few times untill you get the knack
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