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Originally Posted by Yaworski
I've had good luck with "refurbished" products in the past. My computer is a refurbished Gateway, my PDA is a re-furbed Compaq and my wife is . . . better not go there.

A college buddy of mine is director of US technical support for a large electronics company. He told me that refurbs are often better than new products because they've been gone over with a fine tooth comb.

The price break is usually quite good for refurbs.

I did buy an Olympus re-furb off ebay. It came in a box from Olympus identifying it as a refurb and with the appropriate paperwork.

I bought a refurb off of Ebay as well via Olympus, but their packaging of it was horrible. It was a D40 and it was just in a box flopping around with only one small piece of packing paper in it. I'm shocked it wasn't destroyed during shipping. There was a fingerprint on the lens as well, which told me it either was not actually refurbished, or it was handled sloppily during the repack process.

Olympus claimed this does not represent the "norm" when ordering the refurbs from Ebay, and I guess since their positive feedback is relatively high, this might be the case. There seems to be only a couple of people running the auction part of it though, and the guy I talked to on the phone voicing my concern was a bit on the prissy-smart-ass side. I gave them a "neutral" on the Ebay feedback due to the poor packaging and fingerprint on the lens, and I thought he was going to have a heart attack over it. Still, they did take it back and issue a refund.

Moral of the story - thoroughly check out all refurbs and auction items as soon as you get them.


Buy with confidence but since they only have a 90 day warranty, don't set it on a shelf for 89 days before you decide to see if it works.
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