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I shoot with a Canon Rebel XTi, with the Canon Ultrasonic 28-135 lens in jpeg. I use photshop 7.

Two questions...

1: How do I prevent artifacting?

2: How do I get rid of artifacting with photos I've already shot?

Many thanks to any advice i can get.:|
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Unless you are compressing the heck out of your files,this shouldn't be a problem. Are you shooting at the highest quality JPEG setting? If not, that should be theminimum quality you should be shooting at. Memory is cheap, buy a few cards. If you are and are still seeing it, what sharpening setting are you using? Over-processing is what will cause this, so check your settings. Do you have any FULL SIZEimages onlinethat someone elsecan look at?

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1.> As Greg mentions, shoot at your highest quality setting and largest pixel count. You are unlikely to see artifacts with these settings, unless you regularly boost shadows a lot, and view at greater than 100% size.

2.> Removing artifacts an be done, but only at the expense of detail. Often, a small radius gaussian blur (0.4 to 0.6) will get rid of or reduce artifacts to unnoticeable levels. You shold be able to get away with some light USM to bring up the sharpness level.

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Any time you're asking for help on something like this it really helps if you'll post some examples of the specific kind of trouble you're trying to fix. As has been noted, some artifacts are the result of excessive jpeg compression; other artifacts may be caused by specific noise-reduction programs, etc. "Artifact" is a pretty broad term; for all we know, you may be using the word to refer to something that some of us don't normally use it for.

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