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Default Which is the right decision?

I'm looking at buying my first digital camera. I would like to get somthing decent. The 3 cameras that intrest me are

Sony DSC-V1
Pentax Optio 555
Panasonic FZ10

I will be using the camera for all round use i.e Birthdays,Holidays,Sporting Events.

I know that there is a big size difference between the Panasonic and the other two. That does not bother me.

What Im not sure about is how the zooms work. The Sony and Pentax have 5x optical zoom vs the Pana FZ10 has 12x optical zoom. Does this mean that I can take a picture from a lot further away with the FZ10? It probably stupit question, but I m not sure..

I know that these cameras are probably a bit advanced for a beginner but would like somthing I can grow into.

Also the Sony and Pentax are 5mp and the Pana is 4mp does 1mp make a big difference??

Any Help would be great or suggestion on another camera around the same price as these 3.

Rat :shock:
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You can rest assured that 12x is a much stronger zoom then 4 or 5 so you would be able to make your subjects appear bigger and closer then they are with a 12x. The thing you want to stay away from is digital zoom. It just crops the picture.

1 MP does not make much of a difference. Maybe it'll let you go up one more print size at best. Do a search on the web and you'll find web sites stating how many MP you need to reach a certain print size. Beyond that, you don't need the extra MP unless you think you'll be cropping picutues to make them appear closer. If I had to choose one over the over, I would rather have the extra zoom as long as the lens is nice.

If you intend to learn more about camera's rathen then just point and shoot, a more advanced camera is perfectly acceptable as even the most advanced camera's have good all auto modes for beginners wanting to grow with the camera. I just about a DSLR and it's auto mode is fine.

I don't have any specific camera recommendations in your range as I've spent my efforts researching DSLRs. Above all else, whatever you do, read as many reviews as you can and don't forget to concentrate on the optical quality of the glass. If you have a fast, 12x zoom camera, it doesn't matter what features it has or how many MP it has, if the optics are bad and the pictures aren't as clear as they could be.

Good luck.
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The lens is probably the best thing the Panasonic has going for it. It's a 6-72mm which is 35-420 in 35mm format. f2.8 through the whole range and it's made by Leica. Combine that with the optical image stabilizer and you've got quite a lens.
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Default how about these....

have you checked out the nikon coolpix 5400, or the canon G5. i haven't done any research on the pentax or panasonic, but i have on the sony and the two i mentioned above, and to me, i think either the 5400 and G5 would make a better camera than the V1. they seem to have alot more features. plus if you haven't looked, the 5400 is a wide zoom camera @ 28mm in 35mm format.

also have you looked at battery life for the V1. for me it wouldn't last long enough. i think imaging-resource.com timed the max @ like 80+ min.
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