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Selecta Mar 3, 2004 6:50 AM

S7000 stability?

I am new to digitalcameras and i am thinking about buying the S7000, is it a good beginner cam, when your are thinking about camerashake issues and other newbie stuff?

Have a nice day!!

slipe Mar 3, 2004 9:36 AM

The only thing that really helps with camera shake is stabilization. There arenít many cameras that have stabilization. Learning good shooting techniques can make a big difference in steadying the camera.

I have two very competent large cameras Ė one with stabilization. And one small pocket camera. I take more pictures with my small camera because it is always with me. My logical conclusion is that if I could have only one camera it would fit in my pocket. I would probably have a Pentax 555 if I could have only one camera.

This review has some comparison shots between the Fuji 7000 and the Pentax 555. Keep in mind that the Pentax has almost the zoom range and will fit in a pocket or purse. Jeff wasnít thrilled with the 6Mp pictures at very high compression the Fuji puts out:

Some people feel you can steady a large camera better. Iíve always had a small backup and feel I have learned to steady it just as well as my large cameras. Once you press your elbows into your sides and your forehead against the camera it isnít the weight of the camera that is providing the stabilization.

Selecta Mar 3, 2004 9:51 AM

Yes its true but when you are seing the picture in the computer "size" so that it fits on the screen then the pictures are almost the same quality. You cant barely see any differens. Then my priority is how the camera feels and other stuff like manual control and shutter speeds. Then the s7000 is rather good in my point.

Sorry for my bad english.


slipe Mar 3, 2004 11:15 AM

Your English is fine.

The 555 has aperture & shutter priority plus manual exposure and manual focus. And it is 15 seconds to 1/2000 on the shutter. There are very few situations with a f2.8 lens where you could use faster than 1/2000 on the shutter. I rarely shoot without pre-focus as most manufacturers recommend and the Pentax is a little faster than the Fuji with pre-focus. The Fuji takes much nicer movies. I donít understand why all new higher end cameras donít take 640 X 480 movies at 30fps with the current cost of memory.

I have an Oly that takes xD cards and it still irritates me that I had to pay extra for a dead end card that will probably never work in anything but Oly and Fuji equipment. I can put the SD card from my FZ10 in my Palm Tungsten and many other devices. But xD is a dead end and pricey.

I agree about people showing images full screen and looking at things that will have little real-world significance. You probably wonít see any difference in the images and the Fuji has some nice features if you are willing to carry a large camera everywhere with you. Anything you buy is going to be newbie friendly in that you can take it out of the box and take good pictures in program mode with the default settings. You are looking at a camera that has advanced modes you can expand into which is good. Digital is great for learning and experimenting.

You asked about stabilization. There are three current cameras with stabilization and another about to be released. The FZ10 is close to the price range of the S7000 but 4Mp. The stabilized 12X zoom with f2.8 throughout the range gives excellent long telephoto shots out to 420mm (eq). It is also nice for available light photography without a tripod at shorter focal lengths. The Minolta A1 is a little pricier but a better camera. It doesnít have the long telephoto lens but has a nice wide angle capability. The A2 was just released and seems to be a terrific camera, but it is still expensive. The Canon S1 will be only 3Mp but the camera is compact with a 10X stabilized lens. Now that I have used a camera with stabilization I wonít ever buy another large camera without it.

You seem to have your mind made up on the Fuji. Not sure why you started the thread, but it is a very good camera and you will be happy with the pictures it takes.

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