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stripperdave Aug 30, 2006 3:05 PM

So, being a newbie to the dSLR market, I made a really newbie and STUPID mistake. I was vacationing when I switched lenses and then noticed a little dust particles on the viewfiner image. I kept shooting but could not tell if the dust was on the sensor. Anyways, I went back to my hotel and attempted to clean the camera. I went to the nearest camera store to buy a blower. All the store had was a cheap blower with a brush. (A "new" girl at my local camera store said that it would be fine to use these for internal cleaning). I tried to clean the inside (without reading the instructions) and noticed that the dust kept getting worse. So, I went to buy compressed air (again, without reading the e500 instructions). I got some condensation on the focus screen and mirror....but I had to run out and had to leave the camera.

Here's the bottom line:

(1) looks like my focus screen is scratched

(2) looks like my mirror is a little discoloured now (some purpling on the physical mirror)

(3) i don't think there's duct on the sensor, but I am worried that some condensation would have gotten on the sensor while in the process of cleaning. I did put the camera on cleaning mode and attempted to clean the sensor. I have to look at some pics in Photshop that I took of clear blue sky at f22.

I am thinking of taking it to my local Olympus dealer to get checked out. Anyone have any suggestions? This was a huge lesson learned. I am really at a loss about what to do and am very concerened about my time without the camera and how much this will cost me (already bought body and have 40-150 lens and 14-54 lens)


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