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Default Search terms needed

The SO has asked me to find a replacement camera for the dying F601. The SO's requirements are as follows:

1) Good pictures (This I'm assuming translates to "as good as the Fuji was")

2) Easy handling (I thought I understood what this meant until the SO remarked about how intuitive the Sony F55 at which point I wrote realized I was talking to a crazy person)

3) That "camera sound". The one that SLRs make when the mirror is flipped up, or even the loud shutter click of cheap rangefinders.

I think I can fudge the first two requirements with no problem, but short of reading every review and trying every camera at the store out, I don't know how to find out whether the camera has the "camera sound".

This seems like a big requirement too as people never seemed to know whether the pictures they took of us with the F601 actually registered. It only beeped. The sound could give an aural indication that the picture was taken.

What would be an appropriate search term for the "camera sound"? Except for Steve's Oly E10 and Canon A70, Google doesn't come up with much.
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Old Aug 14, 2003, 12:45 AM   #2
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I was going to say the A70, but you list that.

Why not go with that one and check it out in a store? If you go to a real photostore (and not a best buy) you might be able to try it out and really hear what it sounds like.

I can't comment on its quality, as I've never used one (or even seen it) but you could alway ask in the Canon section to get some people to post pictures. You could also search on pbase for forums taken with the A70.

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Old Aug 14, 2003, 4:16 AM   #3
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The camera sound shouldn't be a problem if the camera has the option to 'post preview'. The shot you just took appears frozen in the lcd/EVF - and it's a second button press to confirm the save or delete. You get some idea what the actual pic will look like as well!
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Old Aug 14, 2003, 4:28 AM   #4
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Vox, though I agree that it is a simple matter of flipping a switch and checking the taken picture, this is a little much to be asking of strangers who aren't really thrilled to be taking our pictures in the first place and just want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Personally, I like the quiet confirmation beep, but the SO wants the "kachak".

I did just buy a tripod, so maybe we'll use that instead.

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Lauren, my camera has a setting for record view. When turned on, the last picture recorded appears in the electronic viewfinder or LCD, whichever is selected, for about two seconds before returning to regular confirmation. This is much better than the "kachak" sound, because it's enough time to check and see if eyes were open, exposure looks normal, and the like.

Some of the newer cameras have this feature in addtion to the the "kachak" sound. I just tried out an Oly 750 this weekend and it had the SLR sound effects you desire.
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Old Aug 19, 2003, 8:15 AM   #6
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That camera sound should not be a problem as most of the cameras has that capability to preview the shot before recording it. Just like the F601 has.

If another F601 is out of the question so why not consider the Fuji's F700. The A70 could be an option too. It has many useful features and it produces decent images but after my short experience of A70 I do have to say that it feels little bit like a plastic toy compared with F601. The image quality isn't as good as F601's either.
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