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Having just been forced into "semi-retirement" after a trial period trying to set up my own business trying to sell photographs + doing a spot of webdesign (via a UK Government scheme for the unemployed), my opinion is don't bother.... after trial running it from end of September 2007 'til 21st March 2008.... and running numerous adverts via Google AdWords, etc...... total sales figures were roughly equivalent to the pope's sex life (non-existant).

On the plus side I did get a Fuji Finepix S6500fd (S6000fd) out of it paid for by the scheme (about the best camera I could have got with the money the scheme was willing to pay me to get started + get the picture gallery to sell the pictures through paid for a year).

The sites are still running on "Auto-pilot", and can be found here:
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Whoa jduck1979!
That website has 4 popups, and two forms that appear to redundantly double-load things like the jpeg logo twice, plus it displays some disassociated adds...
I'd hazard a guess and say, that website limits the amount of interest by it's very design (although I can't guess whether that was the intent or not).

And rjseeney "a portfolio of 400-500 good images" holy toledo!
I'm happy with the 40-50 good image that I've taken so far.
:lol: :|
Seriously though, thanks again.
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I am in the process of putting a few pics on istockphoto, and I have to say these guys have so many customers they have become quite arrogant.

Pictures are refused for some hinge which are microscopic - it's ok I am not so emotional abot my pics - , I guess they are getting so many pics they have to be drastic about the incoming new ones so that they do not have to invest so much on servers...

I have actually dropped the case of istockphoto. A waste of time for me.

I will try shutterstock as advised by a few writers I have learn to trust in this string

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Istock and Shutterstock are not easy to get into. Once you're in, Shutterstock is a bit easier to get images through the review process. Istock is a tough nut to crack even once your in. I only have a fraction of the images on Istock that I have on other sites, but what I have on istock sells pretty consistently. Stock is a numbers and quality game, and there is always going to be someone who not only has more but better. I've made some money, but it's not enough to live off, but it has paid for some gear. The business continues to get tougher, and I think the average part timer is slowly getting squeezed out.
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