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Originally Posted by Bob Nichol View Post
Try and take the photos outdoors as much as possible. The built-in flash isn't powerful enough to light a group and you would probably need several external flashes to light the group properly.

Get everyone in a single straight line if possible and position yourself in the middle of the line. If you must go to a double line have the front line siting or kneeling and the back line learning over the front line so the faces are in the same plane. Either case will ensure all the subjects are in the zone of focus.

Single-servo AF (AF-S) for stationary subjects
Continuous-servo AF (AF-C) for moving subjects
Single point AF so you can control the focus point, in this case the central subject's face.
Aperture-Priority Auto [A] and set f/8 .
Matrix Metering should be used in normal lighting.
ISO 200 to start. Double the ISO once or twice to keep shutter speeds 1/125s or faster.
Take a number of shots to ensure everyone's eyes are open! You might even consider Continuous Shooting mode!

Practice a bit on your family to get comfortable with the project.
Bob, that also helped me a lot, great pointers!
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Hi, I tried those settings and it was helpful Once I figure out how to post a pic on here I'll show you.

Thanks again all for all the help.

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