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raylee011 Aug 13, 2011 2:14 AM

Shooting Outdoor without high speed sync flash
Hi All,

I have a flash that doesn't have high speed sync function. The highest ISO that my pentax would go is 1/180.

I do want to use the flash to fill in the dark area. How could I accomplish this without over expo?


TCav Aug 13, 2011 6:16 AM

Can you post some examples of the results you've gotten up to now?

VTphotog Aug 13, 2011 8:07 AM

About the only way you are going to be able to do this, is to use ND filters to bring your shutter speed below the flash sync speed.


JimC Aug 13, 2011 10:42 AM

Try this...

Manual Exposure, shutter speed at 1/180, aperture at f/11, ISO speed at ISO 100. If still overexposed any (unlikely at ISO 100 and 1/180) try f/12, f/13 or f/14 instead.

That should do it for most outdoor conditions, and if it's overcast any, the flash should fill in more with most dedicated flash systems (where the camera is using a metering preflash, then adjusting the flash burst length for proper exposure), as long as you're not too far away for the flash you're using.

What kind of flash is it (brand/model)?

raylee011 Aug 14, 2011 2:47 AM

I have a Pentax K-X and Sigma EF-530 DG ST Electronic Flash

The following picture was taken today outdoor with overcast.
Setting is 1/180 and 7.1, ISO 200(lowest for Pentax).

I will try setting it to f12, and smaller next time.

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