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I am going to buy a camera for shooting sports.

I have no experience vith SLR.

Most of the time I will shoot in continous mode for tracking the subject.

For compact cameras several reviews complaints about the blackout of the EVF during continuous shooting.

I don't know about the SLR.:?

Can someone give me an idea?

How can you see the moving object if you shoot at 3fps with 1/100 speed?

The moving mirror is fast?

Thank you for advice.
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You barely notice the time that the mirror flicks up and the view is lost. It does take a bit of practice panning a moving shot. It's a lot easier than using the LCD on a compact, slightly more difficult than using the optical viewfinder on a compact.
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Old May 13, 2005, 12:40 PM   #3
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Nagasaki is correct - the mirror will not interfere. The real issue isn't keeping the image in the frame - it's keeping it in focus. Point and shoot cameras have a larger depth of field for a given aperture than a SLR does. So, even if both cameras shoot at f4.0 the digicam will have more of the scene in focus than the DSLR. When shooting a football game with a digicam with 4 players in the scene there is a strong likelihood all would be in focus (or none) - but with a DSLR the DOF is shallower so one player may be in focus but the others are NOT - the challenge is making sure the player you want is the one that's in focus. How to do that depends on which DSLR and understanding how it's focusing works and how it's Servo focusing works (predictive focusing for tracking moving objects). It also depends on how much of the frame your subject fills up. But that is all another topic. I would suggest once you have decided on a DSLR to ask in that particular forum for help on the precise activity you are interested in (for instance, how to shoot a Nascar race will get you different answers than how do I shoot birds in flight).
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Also, don't get your hopes up about it working very well.

Not only is tracking hard for you, its hard for the camera (depending on what it is.) If the subject will be moving directly towards you, this will be vary hard. If they are running by you, this is easier (but still not "easy".)

Speed of the subject also matters. Cars moving very fast are much harder than people playing basketball (where people stand around more than say soccer or football, where the action is almost always "in action".)

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The class of camera will also affect its ability to track moving objects.
The Nikon D2h and Canon 1d-MkII will perform much better at tracking an object than the 20D, the 20D will track better than the rebel.
As the camera models go up the line they have better sensors and faster processors. And of course the price to match :sad:

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Old May 16, 2005, 2:17 AM   #6
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Thank you for your answers.

I think it's OK for me as I want to shoot at gymnastics and the object is moving at the same position/focus distance. The object will be in focus but stil moving body, hands, ball etc.

Best regards.
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