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can anyone help I need to know the correct aperture &shutter settings for my sony 717 for normal shots and in burst 3 mode for sports (football) shots i have try the auto reset button pics are blurry auto is too bright
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Auto shouldn't be too bright, unless you have something set wrong (for example, metering mode set to something like Spot, or Exposure Compensation set to a +EV Value).

How bright is too bright? Are the photos very overexposed? You may want to post an example here so that members can see what you're talking about and look at the camera settings (this information is in the image header, provided the software you use to downsize a photo isn't stripping it out).

Blur is probably being caused by shutter speeds that are too slow. Are these games at night?

If so, you'll have difficulty with a non-DSLR camera (because shutter speeds will be too slow to prevent motion blur from camera shake or subject movement).

Fortunately for you, the DSC-F717 does have one of the brightest lenses around in a non-DSLR model. So, you may be able to get by with it at higher ISO speed settings in a well lit stadium if you take lots of photos to improve your percentage of keepers. I would suggest using a monopod or tripod to reduce blur from camera shake (you may not be able to get shutter speeds up fast enough to prevent it at longer focal lengths).

Shooting in Aperture Priority (Av) Mode with the largest available aperture (represented by the smallest f/stop number) is the way to get the fastest shutter speeds (while still insuring proper exposure).

However, the camera is going to use the largest available aperture in low light anyway. So, shooting in Av Mode at nightprobably won't buy you anything over using Auto.

For faster shutter speeds to reduce blur, you'll need to increase your ISO speed. Each time you double the ISO speed, the camera's autoexposure can use shutter speeds twice as fast. You'll probably need to go with at least ISO 400 (and perhaps ISO 800) in a well lit stadium (which will increase noise levels) to get some keepers, despite your model's exceptionally bright f/2.0-2.4 zoom lens. There are some good software tools to reduce the appearance of noise later. Here are a couple:

Noiseware Note that they have a free "Community Edition", too

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