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Default Sony DSC-H5 Photos result in 4x4 shots on one frame help please.


I am having desperate problem and cannot find a solution in the manual.

Using a Cybershot Sony DSC-H5 7.2pixel. For some reason on the preview viewer and when copied to a folder in windows the photos show up individually. When opening a batch of photos there appears that some photos are not single shots and appear as 16 (4x4 matrix) of the same photo.
There are some photos from a steam fair which are fine however all my photos from India have reproduced in the wrong format.

I cannot see any info or recognise any actions I have done regarding settings with the camera. I know its not my windows settings as other photos are fine its just certain photos from certqain sessions.

can anyone help me identify what I have set and done wrong.

is there any method to rescue the phots as when cut and cropped to enlarge the pixelation and detail is not good.

I really appreciate your help as I am devastated or my wife is as it was a once in a lifetime holiday.

Thank you kindly


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It sounds like your camera is (or was) set for "Multi Burst". (See page 41 of the Sony H2/H5 User's Guide.)

In "Multi Burst" mode, the camera records 16 frames in succession as a still image file. It seems the camera won't extract any single image from a "Multi Burst" group. Most (if not all) image editting applications should let you crop a single image from what you're getting now, but the result won't be at the same resolution as the images you've captured without "Multi Burst" on.
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Try to find the commend that returns the camera to factor default settings - that should solve it and any other blind alleys you have wandered up while learning how to use the camera.

Once you know how to get back to "start" you should feel free to try anything. No worries about forgetting how to get out of whatever mess yourself get into.
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TCav posted a link to a manual you may find useful.

BillDrew mentioned another useful feature (resetting it back to factory defaults).

In the case of your H5, you'll find an "Initialize" choice in it's setup menus for that purpose.

You'll see it in the menus in this page of it's review here:


Here's that screen with that menu choice highlighted:

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