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Default Sony DSC-P31 vs. Canon A20

I am currently using a film SLR, but I want to get an entry-level digital camera so that I can increase the volume and ease of nonessential picture taking. I want to get a D-60 and go completely digital, but I don't feel like selling my car in order to buy a camera!

I am interested in the Sony DSC-P31. I like how compact this camera is, and I'm impressed with it's list of features. I saw the sample pictures on this site, and they looked pretty good. Not great, but good enough for the kind of work I'll be doing with it.

I was pretty sure I wanted the Sony, but then I saw an ad for the Canon A20 for barely more than the cost of a DSC-P31. The big difference between the two is an optical zoom. I don't really need an optical zoom, since I'm mostly going to be taking urban landscape photos where I want the angle of view as wide as possble. Other than the optical zoom, is there any advantage to the Canon?

Also, I have a more specific question about the Sony camera. I read on this site that it has a noise reduction feature for night pictures. While this is a definite plus for static night scenery, what would it do to a picture that is meant to blur light from moving objects? Would it be possible with this camera to take a picture of a freeway in which the cars appear as streaks of white and red light?
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Be careful when you make the jump. If you are comfortable with a SLR, go to a store near you and hold the cameras in your hand before you buy. Small is not always the best thing. Ergonomics is important. And, when you look at the pictures on the computer screen, realize that you are looking at a reduced pixel format. Usually about 72 DPI. And if you are thinking about printing digital, look out. Taking a digital picture is one thing. Getting a great print in another complete Degree. Try scanning your pictures into your computer and using a digital photo editor and then try printing. http://www.shortcourses.com/ This is a great page for information about using and printing digital images. Dr. Bill. (say it fast:P
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Thanks for your reply.

I'm not really planning to print my digital images, nor am I looking for a camera to compete with or replace my 35mm SLR. I am going to use the digital camera primarily for taking picture that will be posted on internet message boards (where I don't want to wait to get back prints from film), and for "random" pictures that aren't worthy of wasting film. I have gone to a store and looked at the camera. It's definitely a departure from an SLR, but I like that. I'm looking for something small that I can put in my pocket and take places I wouldn't normally take a camera.

From what I wrote above, I probably sound like an idiot. Hopefully this will show that I'm not:
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the sony dsc-p31 but get the p51 it has a zoom and better marco
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