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Default Sony P8(72) vs. Canon A70 vs. Minolta S414 vs. Canon SD100


I'm trying to decide what camera I should purchase as my first (just like everybody else here is ). I've read A LOT of steves reviews here and I am just having trouble figuering out exactly what options/features I need and Who does what better.

I'm basically looking for in order of preference:
Hi-Res Movie w/sound is nice
Excellent Pic quality
I will want to take a lot of nice night skyline shots, close ups, and bright daylight/beach/snow shots.
A Small compact size.
I tend to like having manual control over things.
Color Filters would be nice as well.
$400 Price liimit

I would greatly appreciate any advice on this subject as well as some suggestions. I'm leaning towards the Sony P72 or the A70. But again, I don't have a firm grasp on who does what better.

Thanks much,
~Mike Paradise
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For what it's worth - and mine is only one opinion, I'm looking at the S414 because it has corrected lenses (like Nikons) to help reduce CA, larger 1.8" lcd and a real time histogram. Although, from the photo's and handbook I downloaded, it is a larger heavier 'compact' cam than others about at the mo. and it's appearance from photo's looks a bit dated - but when I see it, I might change my mind. I'm interested in image quality first, so lens, ccd and sensitivity are high up my list. VOX
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Out of the models you're considering, IMO, the Minolta DiMAGE S414 will have the best image quality. It's larger and bulkier than the other models you're considering, so take this into consideration.

If you want a smaller, easier to carry model (with much faster startup times, etc.), you may want to look at the new Minolta DiMAGE G500.

It's a 5 Megapixel Model with a 3x Optical Zoom, using the Sony 1/1.8" 5 Megapixel CCD, and it's lens is well matched to the CCD. It can be found for a bit over $300.00 now discounted.

I purchased Japanese Model Konica Revio KD-510z in July, and have been very pleased with this little camera. Due to the merger between Konica and Minolta, this camera is being marketed in the U.S. as the Minolta DiMAGE G500.

They are identical except for the logo and model number.

You can see some photos from mine at http://www.pbase.com/jcockfield/konica_kd510z

You'll also find links to my user review of the camera there.

As for the movie mode, it's limited to 320x240 resolution with sound, with a maximum movie clip length of 30 seconds.

Personally, I never use the movie modes on a Digital Still Camera, so this was not a consideration to me. I find them to be too "choppy", with poor audio quality on the digital cameras I've owned, and they use up a LOT of memory card space quickly.
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Just wondering if you've purchased your camera yet? I'm also trying to decide between the PowerShot A70 and the Minolta414. Just wondering if you came to a decision and how you like it so far.

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I would tend toward the 414 for a couple of features I really like. My big camera has them and my little pocket camera doesn’t. I find they are significant

It has a B&W status display window. All of your settings are there for easy reference. You can’t delve into menus with the status display, but you can see what you have set and adjust things like flash, spot metering, macro and EV adjustments without the LCD. With a rangefinder type optical finder and no status display you always have to refer to the LCD which takes a lot of power to keep on for easy reference and is hard to see in bright sunlight.

The Minolta has continuous focus. It focuses right up to shutter release so things that move during the shutter lag are still in focus. It also allows you to pre-focus in a lot more situations. Without continuous focus if something moves after you pre-focus you have to release the button and pre-focus again. The 414 will keep focusing until you release the shutter, and it has only a 1/10 second delay with pre-focus. I get a lot of blurred shots with my pocket camera I wouldn’t get if it had continuous focus.

The 414 also has a 4X zoom and is 4Mp. It is bulkier though.
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