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The guys have provided great ideas for new cameras, covering all points you asked about except one -- long zoom. There is a new 12x stabilized zoom camera that just came out you might want to check out -- the Panasonic DMC-FZ1. Steve hasn't reviewed it yet, but it has the longest zoom available on a new camera, and I believe it's the only model currently available with image stabilization.

You also mentioned taking "a few pics rapidly in a row..." It's no longer in production, but the Olympus E-100RS is the fastest camera I know of for taking pics... up to 15fps! It's only 1.5MP, but combined with a 10x stabilized zoom, it may be just the ticket for air shows and the like.

I'd like to recommend the C-2100 as well, although it too, sadly, is only available as refurbished or used. It's a 2MP camera with a 10x stabilized zoom; it takes 1.7fps action shots, and has all the features you requested. It's a really FUN camera to use!

Any of the three cameras mentioned above, combined with a B-300 1.7x teleconverter lens, should get you in the optical zoom range of over 600 mm, if you're interested in that! Both of the Olympus cameras can be found on eBay at very reasonable prices (I bought a second C-2100 refurbished for $360!). I hope we will be helpful in assisting you to find the right camera for you. If you need any more specifics, please let us know.
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I agree with NHL. The most economic buy with the preferences you state here definitly is the Minolta 7i and lots of extra batteries...

I own the Coolpix 5700 - and if you can find this at about the same price as 7i - I would prefer this. Excellent and best picturequality in its class.
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I don't know about you guys, but usually I want to capture more of a scene... not less! so a 12x zoom is useless to me. I'm no spy :lol: . A wide 28mm is also a rare commodity nowday in the digicam world especially when it's CA free...


With regard to 7Hi/7i, the costlier 7Hi also has a sync terminal for studio strobe (but you can do the same with the 7i through the variable built-in flash with a photoeye). BTW has anyone shoot in a darkened studio with their camera on manual? The D7's can also overide the EVF so you can see in the dark!

Also with a larger buffer the 7Hi can shoot 5 RAW frames @ 3fps (this is dSLR territory). If you don't shoot in raw then the UHS mode of the 7i is equally fast @ 7fps.

The 7Hi can also assign individual colorspace to each picture where the 7i can't, but unless you're a pro wouldn't care about...

The best trick that all the versions of the D7's have is that if you don't release the shutter all the way (ie keep it 1/2 pressed) you can quickly fine tune the AF manually through the focusing ring (DMF ) and the shutter remains delay free at this point between shots (ie click as fast as you want)... Another trick for keeping up with your high speed subjects! it's all up to you if the few hundred $ difference between the Hi/i are worth it or not.
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NHL hit the sweet spot: be careful what you ask for; you maight get it
It comes down to personal prefference: as you see everyone has their reasons why THEIR camera is the best; here is mine for what its worth:the one advantage over ALL the above cameras, is that the olympus 5050 is the only one off the list that will fit in your pocket :lol: It is very important to me when i dont want everyone knowing i am carrying something very expensive (in interesting areas) or when i don't want to carry any kind of bag at all!!!

P.S.: i think this info onslaught is not over for you yet. You JUST STARTED this insanity....
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Klaus said it right! Now go an buy that camera and and enjoy it.

Good Luck!

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