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SirSteve Aug 17, 2003 12:25 AM

Studio Product Help
I am shooting a square product but it always comes out to be crooked at the top. The bottom if perfectly straight but the top slopes off on one side. I just don't get it. If I could attach an image, I could show you but I cannot. :(

Any suggestions?

NHL Aug 17, 2003 7:07 AM

Are you shooting from right above or from the bottom angle?

If you're shooting from the center of the subject then everything should be square; however if the camera is angled in anyway ie not perpendicular to the subject that the effect you're going to get! The focal lenght position of the lens also contributes to this. This effect is more accentuated @ the wide angle position than @ the tele. Try to back away from the object or use the 'Perpective Cropping' feature in Photoshop or similar photo editor! :wink:

SirSteve Aug 17, 2003 10:47 AM

I am shooting from the center. My tri-pod levels say it's straight... perhaps the table is crooked... ok, I'll mess around with it some more.

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