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hnljay Feb 2, 2003 3:53 AM

tooooo red skin tones
My new nikon 885 shoots indoor pix with the flash as if everyone has a bad sunburn. I have tried all of the WB settings to cool it down and still no great answer and too much work. The only decent shot was when I did WB bracketing, one of the three seemed acceptable. This seems too difficult to be right. Is the a tweek to cool down my indoor shots. If not does this seem right or should this baby be sent back to momma. I took a pix with a camedia 4000 in the same lighting and it came out fine. Jay :(

BillDrew Feb 2, 2003 9:17 AM

Take a look at the areas of the photo that are lit by only one light source (flash/light bulbs) - distant, shadows, ... It is difficult to deal with a mix of light - in this case, likely flash and tungsten.

Try some photos with varying amount of tungsten light. Easiest done by having the subject move close/far from a light bulb. There really isn't an easy solution other than not using a flash, or using a flash that is much more powerfull so it is effectively the only light source. An external flash is a good idea in any case.

rritter Feb 2, 2003 12:17 PM

Not sure about the Nikonís but the two Fujiís I have use Auto Flash & Forced Flash as two of the flash options. Auto Flash uses the sensors to produce the correct amount of flash for indoor pictures. Forced Flash powers the flash for outdoor shots in shaded areas and gives the flash full power. If I take an indoor shot with Forced Flash I get bad pictures. Could this be your situation? Just a thought.

voxmagna Feb 3, 2003 8:34 AM

I think this is what Billdrew is saying, light the subject with a dominant source either flash or tungsten, but half of each for the auto WB is bad news.

I'm just thinking, if your flash is forced to manual settings with higher flash output, higher f stop and shutter, your cam won't see so much of the scene lit by ambient light. Also my cam has a slow flash sync option for night shot fill - I could see that would allow more tungsten light to mix with the flash as well.

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