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Default torn between Pan. DMC-FZ1 Lumix and Oly C-2100 digitals

I am about to purchase my very first digital camera. (To be honest the last camera I purchased was the Oly IS-1 SLR - so I am not very knowledgeable about cameras at ALL - but I am willing to learn!!.)

In any case, I have researched my little heart out for the past year and it seems that the digital camera that will best suit my needs is one of the two above. I love the zoom and the image stabilization these two have - and they both fit within my budget price-wise.
(For a time, I lusted for the Oly C-7XX series - but no image stabilization is available on them so I X-ed them off the wish list).

Here's is my ONLY dilemma:
Price wise and zoom wise, the Panasonic is the better choice...but....

The Panasonic has no threads to screw any filters, or extra lenses onto - so how does one put filters on the thing? I keep reading that its little hood thing fits on "bayonet style". Ummm... what IS bayonet style? And can one somehow make filters and lenses go on the camera bayonet style? I would not dare risk any camera's lense by not, at the very least, providing it with a UV filter. SO, can I somehow make this camera accept attachement to the lense?

Please forgive my ignorance on the above subject and please don't laugh at me for asking it, OK? ops:

Thank you so much for your time and your sincere responses.

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The Oly 2100UZ (and the Canon Pro90) share the same wonderful 37 - 370mm stabilized zoom lens. Both are out of production now, but can be found on the Web. They can accept threaded 58mm filters and telephoto adapters like the Oly B-300 and TCON-17 that yield a whopping 17X zoom capability.

The Canon is a little more refined and has a few more features (2.6 MP vs 2.1 MP) and uses compact flash memory as well as an articulated LCD.

Look at some of the recent "Photos of the Day" on this site for samples of the Oly 2100UZ pix... they are truly incredible for a two megapixel camera.

I can't talk about the other camera you mentioned, having never even seen one.
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Thank you, Wildman, for your response.

I did consider the Canon for a time, but the price for this camera is out of my budget. I can only spend about $600 max for the camera itself. It does have all the toys I want, but alas, I cannot afford it. Unless the camera fairy drops one on my pillow one night as I am sleeping...

I know that the Uzi is out of production now, but they are frequently sold as class A refurbs by Olympus on E-bay for under $500 and the Panasonic costs $450 brand-new and has just been reintroduced back into production.

It may all be for naught after last night anyhow. My camera budget is now *poof*, gone. My cat, Miss Ernie, tore a hole in one of the screens last night and got out into the street and was struck by a car. Her front right leg is mangled and veterinary costs are estimated to be about $1,700 in order for her to not lose her leg.

I had to hit the ATM last night and attack the savings account that held my "camera money" - $650, before the vet would even consent to treat her. Oh well, that's life and I love her far more than I want a camera.

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The FZ1 is a good camera but it is strictly a point-n-shoot. The Oly C-2100UZ has all exposure modes - Program AE, Shutter and Aperture priority and Manual. They are getting difficult to find but it is the better of those two cameras. like that it runs on AA batteries so you can use hi-power NiMH. I don't like the SmartMedia storage but being a 2mpixel it does go aways with a 128MB SM card and they are now cheap.

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