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I am looking to get a new camera and see a lot on the picture side and understand that the video is really not going to be as good as with a camcorder but out of the cameras out there which one(S) give you the best picture at 640x480 , has an easy format to convert to DVD / VCD, and with a 1 -2 gig card the most recording time ?
I have looked at great cameras with only 9-10 mins of time and not so good cameras that have more but I think it has to do with the recording format but not sure which cameras may have as close to everything I want - Good pictures / good video that is able to get more than 10 mins , or is this the best you get from 1 gig cards ? Thanks
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Sanyo Xacti C6 (previous model) or HD1 (latest model) will fit your bill - it does not have the best still picture or video quality when compared with the best digital cameras or best camcorders alone, but it has a decent balance which is far superior than the "still picture" mode of camcorders and "video mode" of the latest digital cameras.

Read Steve's review about them:



You can also find all the discussion and user reviews in the Sanyo forum:


Xacti VPC-C6 records about 40 minutes of "high quality" MPEG-4 video (in standard TV resolution 640 X 480 pixels) on a 1 GB SD card, about 1 hour of "standard quality". I have a C6 and I would not recommend recording in anything lower than the best quality setting. HD1 records in High Definition TV resolution but takes up more memory card space per minute of recording.

The Sanyo has a real 5X optical zoom (not digital zoom like other "digital camcorders"). The HD1 has a 10X optical zoom.

The closest thing to the C6/ HD1 is the Sony DSC-M2: Steve also has a review:


I do not have this camera for comparison, but according to a few users reporting in other forums, they find the video mode quality of the M2 (same as older model M1) to be inferior to the C6.

The still picture quality of the C6 is average for a P&S digital camera, not as good as the Sony M2 and many others such as Nikon or Canon, but it is not shabby.

The price of the Xacti C6 has dropped since the new HD1 goes on sale. If you do not need High Definition (HD) video recording, the C6 takes really good video at standard TV resolution. Make sure you avoid "grey market" products and overseas sellers, and buy it from reputable sellers, after checking that you are buying a brand new camera with proper warranty.
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