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Wink11 May 10, 2011 7:32 PM

Wanting to switch to RAW
I've had my D90 a little over a month now, shooting in jpeg. I have no PP yet...however, hope to in the future. I'm going to be shooting for some friends (baby, first holy communion, bday) and want the ability to share w/ them the photos (jpeg? for facebook) Also I would love to tweak them and make them something more once I get post proccesing.

So my question is what is the best setting? Raw + Jpeg fine, Jpeg normal, or Jpeg basic.

Has anyone used the Nikon Software Suite? If so is it worth downloading until I can afford Photoshop/


Saltine713 May 10, 2011 8:03 PM

Raw+Jpeg takes the longest time to write to the card, but gives you the most options. Jpeg normal will keep things simple, while fine will try to process it in the camera for you.

Go Raw+Jpeg, but only if you have a large memory card. RAW also requires a good amount of post-processing plus software to convert it.

There are "ways" of getting Photoshop. Also, if you have a mac, try iPhoto.

wave01 May 11, 2011 2:22 PM

I would look at getting the gimp its free and theres a RAW plugin too. I f you are shooting for friends then go for the RAW + jpeg it covers you if you cant convert.
Raw is best as it contains all the image info. Good luck

Wink11 May 11, 2011 3:34 PM

Thanks...would I want the Raw + jpeg "fine"? I'll look into the gimp, I'm trying to save for the photoshop.

~~~Saltine, what "ways" are there? I was on the adobe website and see they have the teacher addition of CS5 and Lightroom 3? My husband works for the shcool district and I should be able to get the discount. Still at a price tag of $288 :/

Saltine713 May 11, 2011 9:30 PM

Can't really say on here, it isn't really legal. It is an illegal download. Not saying I endorse this in any way, just saying that it is the only other option. Once again, I do not endorse this nor do I recommend it.

JimC May 11, 2011 9:42 PM


Originally Posted by Saltine713 (Post 1225610)
There are "ways" of getting Photoshop.


If anyone is tempted by that kind of thing, please be aware that virtually all pirated software for programs like Photoshop that you find on file sharing sites contains malware; and even if the main program doesn't, you can bet that the key generator programs do. Try uploading one of them to and see what you get.

If you're lucky, about 20% of the scanners will find the malware (meaning most of the 40+ scanners being used won't). If a keygen program comes up clean, save it and try it again in a few months (sometimes it takes a while before brand new malware is detected and signatures get updated so that the scanners know what to look for). But, they're almost always infected with hard to detect trojans, often designed to download and install even more malware when you run them (and the malware authors are going to try and make sure it's as undetectable as possible by trying different Antivirus scanners on their malware code when writing it).

That's one way malware is propagated (by users downloading pirated copies of software that's been compromised by malware).

Many Apple users have been infected that way, too (even though you don't see a lot of malware for OS X yet). No OS is secure if you give software permission to install and malware authors are counting on users looking for free/cheap copies of major programs like Photoshop to spread it (by including trojans inside of popular programs that have been cracked, with keygen programs also being a popular delivery technique for malware). ;-)

So, even if downloading and using pirated software were not illegal, and even if you were not depriving the software companies of revenue (which you would be), you're still asking for trouble, as it's going to contain trojans that may be tough to find and get rid of, especially once it's installed (since malware can more easily hide from antivirus scanners after installation, and some rootkits can be virtually impossible to detect).

IOW, don't do it.

There are many applications around that can handle raw conversion for you, and many of them are free.

Wink11 May 11, 2011 11:05 PM

RAW is a whole new animal to me :) I really just hope to make something extra special for my friends down the road when I can afford some PP. I'm looking to move beyond the "snap shot". Someone mentioned gimp...I want to give photoshop a try. I see they have free trial :) I just want to make sure for now that my camera is in the right format so in the future I can access them.

I'll try the RAW + jpeg "fine" ??

JimC, thanks....but believe me I'm not tempted! I was thinking ebay?? I'm really only 4 weeks new to dslr photography and have lots to learn. This endevor is very exciting and sometimes overwhelming. I almost wonder if I should put my money into a external flash first?


peripatetic May 12, 2011 3:09 AM

If you can't get hold of a RAW converter now (but there are free ones - google is your friend) then by all means shoot RAW + JPG.

But really the thing to do is look for a decent entry level program - try out Bibble for example - the standard version is very affordable and you can upgrade to the pro version later.

Or if you are using a Mac, Aperture is incredibly cheap if you buy it from the App Store. Lightroom periodically has special offers too. If you have Bibble, Aperture or Lightroom you really won't need Photoshop for a long time. If ever.

Saltine713 May 12, 2011 6:32 AM

Yeah, PS is really only if you want to use RAW's capabilities, as well as maybe do some photo editing.

Some cameras (like mine) say they use RAW, but really it is the company's version of RAW, mine being RAF. This means it is even harder to find a program that will convert it for me.

Try some trials and see what works best. Aperature is great for Macs.

JimC May 12, 2011 9:27 AM


Originally Posted by Saltine713 (Post 1225989)
Some cameras (like mine) say they use RAW, but really it is the company's version of RAW, mine being RAF. This means it is even harder to find a program that will convert it for me.

RAW files differ by camera brand and model. For the most part, they're all proprietary formats (unless you want to count .DNG as being more open, and even that format has limitations that really need you to tune a converter to match a given camera).

With Canon models, the latest format is .cr2. But, just because a converter supports .crw files from one Canon model, doesn't mean it will work with .cr2 files from another Canon model (as there are differences between them). Ditto for Nikon .nef files, Sony's .arw files, etc. etc. etc.

You need a converter with support for your specific camera model. ;-)

But, note that Dave Coffin's dcraw.c has support for the HS10 (as I see your sig shows the HS10 as your camera now), and there are many RAW converters around that use some or all of Dave's code for raw conversion. See this page for more details:

So, it shouldn't be too hard to find more raw converters that support your camera. UFRaw is one free converter that uses some of Dave's code:


I see you've got iPhoto in your Sig. So, you're using a Mac. Anyway, there are some Mac ports available for it (or you could compile it yourself if you installed some development tools). I'm sure a number of programs already exist for the Mac, too (I just don't use OS X and I don't keep up with them as much as I do free software for Windows and Linux).

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