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If you want a DSLR (which I would recommend) that price range will limit you to only one choice. A Canon Digital Rebel. And I would not recommend using that. It's not intended for professional use and it shows in how the controls are used (it has only one dial and requires you to toggle the "mode" of the dial to change some things.) It's not built tough enough to handle the abuse a full-time wedding photographer would do to it. Canon took a non-processional camera (the 10D) and stipped out features to reduce the cost. Heck, I wouldn't really recommend the 10D either. I have one and it's a good camera, but it's not made for this use. Would it work? Yes, but it's not meant for that use.

I would recommend saving up some and getting either the Canon 10D or Nikon D100. (I think the S2 Pro is noticably more expensive, but you can look at bhphoto.com just as easily as I can and find the price. But that would be even better, from what I've heard.)

And, of course, none of those cameras mentioned include lenses (which will add even more to the cost.) And we haven't gotten into backup equipment. Have you budged for multiple CF cards, maybe an image tank for picture backup, extra batteries or some kind of battery pack, you really should have a second camera body and flash in case one dies mid wedding (you can't exactly ask them to stop the wedding and wait a few days while you send it off to be fixed. Broken equipment isn't a valid reason to miss shots.) Oh, and don't forget how you're going to deal with the pictures. Give them a CD? (you'll need a burner) Make prints (buy a printer, or find a good lab) and you'll need to color calibrate your monitor (and printer, no matter who's it is.)

Wedding photography is not cheap. You could always look into getting a small business loan.

Do you have any other equipment other than that flash? That could easily stear you towards a certain brand of equipment.

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Default wedding

man, I think ill stick to my mamiya c330 and the 645 film camera, digital is way to expensive,
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It is right now. How much film do you go through every year? It can quickly pay for its self, but you'd have to shoot enough flim a week to make it work out in a reasonable amount of time. It can also means more of your time to edit the pictures in photoshop (unless you do your own darkroom work already.)

Check out a few forums that might be helpful. This is a great forum with nice people, but to really dig into the viability of your question you should go where there are professional wedding photographers. Check these places out, they have dedicated wedding forum (among others):

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