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Sorry if it's been asked before, but latley I have read about this term and couldn't figure out exactly what it meant based on the context.
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Long, Long ago, there was 2 ways to fit a lens to a camera. Companies like Pentax and Zenith used to use them. One was a bayonet mount and the other a screw fitting. Think of it like a light bulb, one screws in and the other is similar to a bayonet. Most cameras now use the bayonet fitting, i.e, insert-twist-click, funnily enough, just like the fitting of a bayonet to a gun. This applies to most places where you see "Bayonet". Hope this answers your question.

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It usually refers to the way a lens mounts to a camera. Rather than a screw thread (like a filter has), on the lens there are three tabs that allow it to fit into three cut out sections of a ring, and once in you turn the lens for those sections to interconnect and then either by friction or with a locking pin the lens is tightened into position.

Bayonet mount on camera side:

Bayonet mount on lens side:

As you didn't provide the context yourself, can't be sure if that's exactly what you're talking about, but that's what's usually meant. "Bayonet mount" actually comes from the term of mounting a "bayonet" to a musket, which is a type of gun used in the Civil War:
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Thanks. I knew it was how a lens mounts, but I didn't understand the twist and click part. Now I get it.
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