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Default What kind of a camera do I need for genealogy

I want to get a camera to take pictures of old papers, grave stones, pages out of books. Any thing to do with genealogy. Thanks for any help. Virginia
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What are you gonna do with the shots ? Print in magazines, photos, homeprints or webviewing/screen viewing...

Indoor/outdoor ? Dark or light surrounding ?

Pricelevel ?

Please describe this ?
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Sounds to me like you need both a camera and a scanner. It's hard to beat a scanner for paper items, including photos and old documents. The camera (almost any of them) does a great job on three dimensional objects and people.

I recently scanned almost two hundred old photos. Some were in pretty bad shape after over 120 years. I was able to clean them up with Photoshop Elements so they looked better than the originals. I was able to "stitch together" some old documents that wouldn't fit on the scanner bed...
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Default reply about camera?

Thank you for answering. I am really new at this. These pictures will be for myself and family. Gravestones when I am out in the daylight and I was thinking of books and pictures that I could not scan. I need to learn more about the scanner. I have a HP scanjet 5300C. My son-in-law can really make it do things. He is going to help me with it. My price range is in the $600.00 range. I want pictures of people as well as copying pictures. Sometimes people will let you take a picture of their picture but you can't remove it from there premises. The pictures of your flowers are beautiful. Thankyou Virginia
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I bought my mother, she is 83, a subcompact camera with a 3x optical lens and it is 3mp. It should do all that you want it to do. You can buy it at Walmart for less than $300. The model is the Olympus D550.

A 5mp, 3X optical zoom is the Olympus C50Z. It is one of Steve's camera picks of 2002. It was pick in two catergories. It will fit in the palm of your hand. Cost is $600 at Circuit City. You may be able to purchase it on the web for under $550. Check www.dealtime.com for pricing and vendor ratings.

The Olympus C4000 is a compact 4mp, 3x optical zoom camera. You can add filters and lens to the camera. The cost on line will be around $400.

Does your son-in-law have a digital camera? If he does, I would buy the camera he has if he likes the camera. If he is willing to help with the scanner, I assume he would help you with a new digital camera. It would make it easier if you were both using the same camera.
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Default Thank you

Thanks again. We are going this weekend to get THE camera. Thank you Virginia
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