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I have been reading these posts with interest, something strange has come to me, it seems as if some people think that storage on the internet is safer than hard drive storage, surely everything uploaded is stored on a hard drive somewhere!
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Two years old Plextor (Taiyo Yuden) with text on top of it (made with TDK CD-R pen): 98

crazykenhall wrote:
I have been reading these posts with interest, something strange has come to me, it seems as if some people think that storage on the internet is safer than hard drive storage, surely everything uploaded is stored on a hard drive somewhere!
Every good hosting service should take very regular backups to tapes.
Full back up say once in a week or two, of course depending how much there's data which is changing, and then daily backups from new/modified data.
Also they use mirroring RAID in case of HD breaking.

Actually you can increase life of your hard drives. It just requires making sure they have adequate cooling, so never put them directly on top of each others without any cooling space and fan.
While at least Western Digital states 60C as upper limit for operating temperature I would keep temperatures nearing 50C as questionably hot.
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go go go to MEDIA SUPPLY online (an internet store) and buy virgin TAIYO YUDENs. I recommend the "inkjet printable" white face blanks because you can feel better about writing on them. it's worth the few bucks extra for that extra layer of protection.
the prices there are analagous to office depot when the cheap crap is on sale.

i've lost a lot of cdrs over the years, but never one since i switched to TAIYOs.

if you insist on shopping retail, only buy packages that are "MADE IN JAPAN." Taiyo Yuden is the only company manufacturing CDRs in Japan
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The issues on CD life. Optical surface is obviously subject to scratches, etc but these can be polish out to some extent and the drive can see through some damage. The dye layer can deteriorate, expected life 100-130 years if stored in dark, cool, dry place. The reflective layer - two problems - 1) It is protected by a layer of lacquer only, very subject to scratches and if reflective layer scratched dick is unreadable - 2) The corrosion resistance of the reflective layer, gold - a non-issue, aluminum chrome molybdenum alloy - somewhat corrosion resistance - should be good beyond 10 years given decent storage, pure aluminum - terrible - six mos. to a few years depending on handling/storage.

DVDs have a decent layer of plastic over the reflective layer protecting from both scratches and corrosion so the life should be that of the dye, 100-130 years. However my experience is that the optical side is much more sensitive to scratches than CD, probably due to the higher storage density.
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gotonodj wrote:
... so I think it would take about 13+ years to upload my pictures onto a website that would store them.
Humm... yeah, I agree it's not an logical option :G

gotonodj wrote:
.. I am getting a bit nervous because I have lots of pictures stored on CDs and would be very disappointed if they can't be saved this way for any length of time....
I have a lot of datas in general on CDs and DVDs. It' rare that I lost datas on them, but it happened.

My backup are now all on harddrives, and I consider the drives a main"storage" as well.I was tired of keeping track of all backups on CDs ans DVDs.

I use 1 HD mounted in the PC , another USB portable HD. Synchronization of datas is very easy with some free software.

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Anything above 45 degrees for a hard drive is very bad.... and this is usually in laptops.

A desktop hard disk with good cooling shouldn't exceed 32-35 degrees (of course depending on ambient)

As always, BACKUP! is the word of the day
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Old Jan 2, 2007, 8:58 PM   #17
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I filch hard drives out of old PC"s that have died.

Easy to pick up an 80gb hard drive these days.

I mount it in a $15 enclosure, then label it "photos".

Once a year I back up to my "photos" hard drive, then return the hard drive to my attic.

Once in a long while I back up my photos to DVD's.

-- Terru
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I have been using Sony and Maxell for years with no issues and have about 300 CD's, all marked with a Sharpie. I had no clue this was a bad idea. Does it matter what is stored on the disk? Most of mine are audio files at this point, not images. I am a hard copy kind of guy and dont really want to put this kind of thing on my external if it can be avoided.
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I have a Mirror RAID system on my desktop ... means two hard drives appear as one and have exactly same information. if one goes bad, the other one is still available. you can then rebuild the mirror with the new hard drive and go on as before. I also copy all my pics to another desktop I got.
I also burn DVDs every few month.
I only have 40G of pictures though ... it's not that much.
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I've been using memorex CDs (Since 2002) and DVD-Rs (since March 2006) and have not had any issues with disks that burned properly the first time around not reading for me since then. I have over 60 CDs and 20DVDs of jpeg photos.

However if you are worried about loosing your pictures do what I did and buy a file server or a netgear storage server that can hold 2 to 3 large hard drives and back up all your images to hard drives as well. I currently have a netgear storage device that can hold 2 hard drives loaded with 2x 300 seagate 5400rpm drives. I have 124GB loaded to the first drive at this time.

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