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2x optical zoom

tripod socket

strobe sync terminal

good book on photography

(perhaps a used fuji finepix s7000 - more than adequate for your needs)
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I just got a P5100 12mp Nikon and was doing comparison shots with my
Nikon 5.3mp D1X. Not too surprisingly the D1X, even with it's far smaller
mp's still produced the better image. Much more detail and color accuracy.
True the P5100 may appear a hair sharper but forget the rest.

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I think you've gotten a lot of very good advice here. I would just add one thing --before you click the shutter on your properly-lit doll, take a few minutes and look at the backgroundof your photograph. When people start getting serious about composing a good photograph, they seem to fixate on the subject and completely forget about the background. Yes, you need to get the lighting right. But you also need to have a composition of the ENTIRE photo that is pleasing -- seeing some obtrusive object in the backgroundcan completely undo the composition that you've worked so hard to create. FWIW

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Jana wrote:
...I know there is something about their cameras that can produce great shots on auto settings, but what is it?...
As all the answers above have shown you, it's mostly stepping a little away from 'auto', and using the supercomputer in your head, after reading a little. Surely you don't think a mere gadget can think better than you can?

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