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Hi, all

What is the expert opinion about best software to use for photo storage, meaning easy to organize, browse, find, filter by date,rating, batch rename/resize, etc..

I'm not enteresting at the moment in editing.

Tx to all
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How serious are you about photography.

I haven't used Picasa, but I know people who like it. But if you're really serious about organizing your images I don't believe it will be enough. If you're going to be selling your photos, for example, so you need to keep track of lots of stuff (like which clients you send something to, which images are under which contrast limitations,...) then you need something aimed at helping with that. Then you need something more.

The best out there from all I've read and used are:
Extensis Portfolio - http://www.extensis.com/en/home.jsp
iMatch - http://www.photools.com/

You can find reviews here:

I've never used Portfolio but I know several people who do and it is very good. If you're going to send images to stock agencies (for example) they probably run Portfolio and therefor you can have Portfolio export a group of images and they will be able to import it easily.

I own iMatch and I find that it is very, very good. The interface takes a bit getting used to but once you're over that hump it works very well. I have yet to want it to do something that it doesn't do. If the review above doesn't tell you something you want to know feel free to ask... I might be able to help.

I can't begin to talk about all it's features, and with the review listed above it would be a waste of time. I basically agree with everything it says (at least, that is what I remember, I haven't read it in awhile.)

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Picasa 2 and its free !!!
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