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Default what's up with Weight of 4x6 Printers?

currently focused on the Canon CP 300, HiTi 640ps and what i can find about the HiTi Transphotable.

what's mystifying is the variation in Weights:

CP300 appears to be 30 oz., pretty much all sources are similar.

then a Substantial jump in weight with HiTi - depending on who's talking. apx 6 lbs for the 640ps and anywhere from 8 to *16* pounds for the Transphotable. even HiTi's own site gives varying numbers depending on page. on the Transphotable spec sheet, seems it was 8/16. then when i had it do a comparison of the 630, 640 and Trans, it had the Trans as lighter or lighest.

anyone have a Clue what the HiTi's actually weigh, and if the above figures are correct - why is HiTi so much heavier than Canon? the HiTi is extremely appealing, altho at triple the weight..i don't know.

additionally, what causes a Net of 8 lbs to *double* to 16?

thank you,
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The Canon printers are tiny in comparison to the Hi-Ti printers. The Canon printers are only slightly bigger than the 4x6" media they print on whereas the Hi-Ti is like a tabletop printer although smaller than most inkjet printers.

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I have the Hi-Ti PL and it weighs approximately 5 lbs 6 oz. I suspect the PS would be 6 lbs.

To my eyes and hand, my Hi-Ti is small/light and I suspect the PS should be only slightly bigger/heavier due to the display.

My guess to the extra weight of the Transphotable would be due to a more durable housing & display (versus my PL). As for it weighing 16 lbs...I'd be suprised.

For me, personally, I wouldn't worry so much about weight as I would quality & price.

Would I carry my Hi-Ti if I planned on using it outside my home? Sure, the weight or size wouldn't be a problem for me.
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