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Hello, my english is bad, and i don´t know the differences between photographs and snapshots.

Help please!
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To put it simply taking photograph is where you think about composition, framing, exposure and setting right white balance and such before pressing "trigger".
Snapshot is that one when you do that point&shooting without thinking more than "Gee, that looks nice, I'll snap photo from it."
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Ok, Thank you very much
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we're all gulity of taking snapshots time to time.

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I disagree with the above posts.

Photographs covers all kinds of pictures taken with a camera.

Types (genres) of photographs include:


All of those can be good or bad within their own genre.

A snapshot is a photograph that is not planned ahead of time. You have your camera, you see something, you shoot it.

Snapshots can be good or bad, just like any other type of photography.

All of the aspects that make a good or bad photograph can be applied to a snapshot.

The snapshot is the most common type of photograph taken by amateurs. This means that most snapshots are bad photographs because most people take a lot of bad photographs.

But some snapshots can be great art.

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There isn't a clean distinction between a photograph and a snapshot. I think a photograph will hang in an art gallery while a snapshot will only be of interest to people who know the shooter and/or subject. A photograph is trying to be art.

There are many reasons to shoot pictures: documentation, a visual diary, playing with gadgets, ...

There is no reason to feel guilty about shooting snapshots. They can bring back wonderful memories or show what the garage looked like before it was painted.
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Completely in agreement with Peripatetic here. Snapshot is just a category of photography. Because most snapshots are taken on the spur of the moment, and by amateur photographers, they are looked down on by some. Probably the biggest difference between snapshots and other photographs is the lack of time to plan and make camera setting adjustments.

While I agree that most snapshots are not great quality or very artistic, I have to wonder what percentage of pics taken by pros get turned into saleable product. I know that I often take several angles and exposures of a subject to get one I consider good, and sometimes throw out the whole series if I'm not satisfied.

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Old Jan 23, 2006, 8:02 AM   #8
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Here's my cut. Mind you, this is a completely subjective topic.

I'm going to throw out the whole 'planned' vs. 'unplanned'. Great photos can be completely unplanned. To me, what makes the difference between the two is:

A photograph has appeal to people other than the picture taker / immediate audience. Whereas a snapshot generally has just some sentimental value to the picture taker and his/her immediate audience (friends or family from the vacation, etc.). There are good and bad photographs and good and bad snapshots. Either can be out of focus, incorrect exposure, blurrred, too tight, too far away. Or at the other extreme, both can be perfectly exposed, perfectly framed, perfectly timed. To me the difference is this: is the subject matter and composition of interest to an outside audience? If so, then I would classify it as a photograph. If not, then it is likely a snapshot. There is nothing wrong with snapshots. Photo albums are full of them. We all have them from vacations, birthday parties - whatever. And they serve a great purpose.

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