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I don't know if this is technical question or not, but I would like someone to explain the difference b/t a "wide angle lens" such as the Olympus 7070 or 8080 and an "ultrazoom lens" such as the Panasonic FZ5 or Canon S2 SI. I know the obvious - one has a 4x zoom and the others a 12x, but why is the Olympus 7070 called a "wide angle lens" and the Olympus C-7000 is not when it has a larger zoom (5x) than the 7070? Why isn't the Canon G6 with 4x called a wide lens camera? I am confused. :?What qualifies a camera to be described as "wide angle" vs. "ultrazoom?" Sorry if my ignorance is showing but I am a newbie and still learning. Thanks.
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Ok for starters, an ultrazoom camera is one that usually has 8 or more optical zoom. Optical zoom is the amount of zoom given by moving the camera lens. Camera like the S1 IS fit into the category with a 10x optical zoom.

On the other hand wide angle zoom lenses have a much wider view. For example, a canon S1 IS's zoom range is 38 to 380. A wide angle zoom lens or camera has about a 28 to whatever zoom. In other words, a wide angle zoom just puts more of whatever is being photographed into the frame. So for a S1 IS, I will have less of, lets say, a landscape, in the picture that I would if I used the olympus C7070 camera. For the most part, wide angle lenses are used for interior and large landscapes.

Another way of looking at it may be:

With an S1 IS I would have to stand about 10 feet away to get a large group photo, where as with a wide angle lens, I may only have to be 5 feet away to get the same amount of "stuff" in the frame.

Hope I helped, good lucK!
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Thanks. That makes it clear and now I realize that it was not a 10-12x lens that interests me, but a wide angle. I always have trouble getting everything into the frame, and for some reason (ignorance), I thought the higher zoom would handle that problem. :shock:
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Some people, I among them, try to get the best of both worlds. I love the ultrazoom capabilities of my FZ10 (35-420mm). When I want to shoot wider, I use a .7 wide angle converter which gives me 24.5mm.
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Hummm, the best way to show what wide angle means is with a picture... now I don't have one I took, but here is one I found... Its between the S2IS and the Pro 1, so 36mm and 28mm, I borrowed these images from bberg of dpreview.com, here is the link to his thread http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=13934707



I find this example particularly interesting since you are are really able to see the difference between 28 and 36 and how much it does make a difference even if its only 8mm.
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