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World's Smallest USB MP3 Player + Flash Drive!( Headphones included).

Only for $10 (Believe it or not!!!!)

#Measuring less than four inches
#Ultra-light weight and compact
#Perfect for the gym, home or office
#put in your pocket or attach to key chain


This forum member has been spamming our forums with similar posts contaning links to http://direct2deal.com, in direct violationof the forum rules agreed to.

We didn't ban this member at first,to make sure they saw the messages we sent to them, and to make sure direct2deal got the e-mail we sent to them about it.

For sale or commercial type posts are against the rules here. If yourun your mouse cursor over the "Discussion Forums" menu choice on the main page at http://www.steves-digicams.com , you'll see these rules.

These rules are also in the confirmation e-mail new members receive and agree to when joining the forums.

We have already sent an e-mail about itto direct2deal.com (actually several e-mails), asking for their assistance in stopping it, and will be tracing the IP addresses and filing complaints with the ISP, too.

We are also looking intopursuing criminal prosecution under state and federal law for unauthorized use of our network resources if it continues.

This is not the onlyforum member postinglinks to direct2deal.com in the past week.

Please report these if you see them, sending a PM to me with a link to their posts.

I will leave thispost for now (I removed the previous posts made by this member and other members that appear to be joining our forums for the sole purpose of spamming it).


Jim C.

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I don't buy anything from forum spammers.
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Not only would I not buy from them, I won't even click on that link.
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This thread is now closed (no edits or new replies are allowed)..

Jim C.

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