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Default Xmas gift help for inlaws?

Looking to purchase a solid digital camera for the inlaws this upcoming holiday season. My wife and I currently own a Canon Powershot s45 and absolutely love its quality, but haven't kept up with new products since getting ours last winter...

As for the inlaws, here's a rough estimate of what we're looking for:

Price: around $300 mark, as it seems most mid-range cams are placed here

CCD pixels: 3.2-4 MP, plenty for common, everyday use

Zoom: 3x optical or better

Size: not too small to be hard or complicated to operate for 60-ish yr old folk, but not too chunky so that it doesn't fit inside a purse, etc..

Other info: primarily used as a point-and-shoot, so no need for manual settings and other more-professional tidbits

After a quick browsing of the current market, here are some cameras I'd written down to get started:

Canon SD100
Canon A70
Minolta XT
Minolta S414
Nikon 3100
Nikon 4300
Olympus Stylus 300
Olympus Stylus 400
Sony P72

Any help (positive or negative) on these or others I may have missed would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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The advice I always give for this type of question:

It's not good to buy a camera for someone else...the camera you chose may not be good for them because a big thing is the way a camera feels in the person's hands.

As for what's good for them depends on the person themselves...some people can't handle a camera with more than a flash on/off control. My first camera as a child most people would find too complicated...I had to carry a separate light meter and focus meter, and set all the controls manually; for me that was easy but that's what cameras were like then.

If someone's a first time camera user of a camera suggest something less expensive, rather than buying something too expensive which they might not use.

A suggestion instead is to get a gift cirtificate at a local (larger) camera store and let them choose what suits them.
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Default Great Idea

I will ditto the gift certificate suggestion....but do they also use a computer? Can they do any photo editing?
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If you are going to buy them a camera, but it at a local store with a gift receipt that they could return if they wanted a different camera. Or as already suggested give them a gift certificate. Cameras are usually less expensive over the internet but the convenience may be worth the cost. I would buy them a brand that is similar to your it will improve your teaching curve and their learning curve. I am nearing 60 and all the cameras you have mentioned would be easy for me to hold or use.
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Try looking at Casio's EXILIM line...
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