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More interesting by the minute. Thanks for posting all those answers, it cleared up a heck of a lot.

So the problem clearly isn't in the downloading, but in the displaying. Good, that eliminates a whole host of problems.

If you want, I could post something to tell you about color spaces and monitor calibration. It is something that is quite useful (especially if you are going to make prints to somewhere like shutterfly) but many, many people never do it and still produce acceptable prints (loss of detail is something I wouldn't consider very acceptable, though.)

"Save for web" is located under the File menu (a little wasy down.) Sounds like it isn't part of PS 5.0. I have PhotoShop Elements 2.0 (and sitting in a newly arived box is PhotoShop CS!) so maybe it's a new feature. Really a pity, as I found it very easy (more that it showed the file size it would produce, than how good it looked post compression.)

As for file sizes and printing. You should probably find out what DPI they print at at shutterfly. Then you can figure out what size picture produces what size output (if they let you pick the output size in inches, then they "automatically scale it to fit" behind your back, which can be good or bad.... that is another discussion if you want.)

Does the zoom version look darker than the PS version, or just lack detail? Darkness can mask detail (and would mean a different problem) than if they look similar in brightness but detail was just not there.

I have heard very good things about the book "photoshop for photographers" You might find it helpful. It's on my short list of books to buy for myself.

I still have to conduct the same test using my Elements and zoom (I am using version 4 of zoom, I believe.) If I had the same problem, I could try things directly and exchange results.

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