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Default Olympus 560Z for photo challenged?

I am about to get a digital camera in the 3 mp range. I am known for my ability to take blurry pics even with an autofocus camera, so I don't need any manual controls. Most shots will be everyday fun stuff, but I do have a daughter who rides/jumps horses so I take lots of shots of her. (many bad ones )

I want to get my camera through airmiles, and using Steve's Digicams and DC Resource have ruled out the HPs for lag time problems. My other options are the Olympus D560Z and the Sony DSC P71. I'm leaning towards the Olympus as a friend has a high level Olympus he loves. My main concern is how well this camera will take action shots (eg. horse jumping). With a 35 mm, providing I took the shot at the exact right time and used 400 speed film, I could get a crisp picture. With everything auto on the 560 and no film speed to choose, can it still take good action shots? I'm hoping that the continuous mode might at least help me to get a shot at the right time.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I know there are other great cameras as alternatives, but if I don't use airmiles I have to wait a while, and I really need a camera now. So, do I just go for it and enjoy, or go another summer/show season taking a roll of 24 and finding that I missed most of the good shots?


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I don't know if all digital cameras behave in the same way, but with mine I hold the shutter button down halfway for a while to let the camera focus and adjust itself. When the time to take the picture comes, I press fully with virtually no shutter lag.

However, take "virtually" with a grain of salt. I once tried to take some action shots at a sports event and it was extremely difficult to get the correct timing.
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