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Default Need some help picking my first digital camera

I am replacing my Nikon N70 with a digital unit (long irrevelant story). I will primarily use this camera for landscapes and such, but will do some macro shots and a few high speed action shots (boat racing). Some of my prints will be 8x10.

I've looked at several reviews and these are the cameras I've considered.

Olympus 740uz--love that zoom, no hot shoe, only 3mp
Sony 717--nice features, uses Sony memory, Every piece of Sony equip I've ever owned has been a POS!
Olympus 5050-not much zoom
Nikon 5700--Ouch in price
Canon G3--not much zoom
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I noticed that you didn't include the family of Minolta 7 cameras (7, 7h, 7i.) Why I mention them is because they have a manual focus ring, like the standard lenses on an SLR. I know some people who really like the Nikon 5700. But it has focus buttons (up/down) which would (I think) drive me crazy.)

The Minolta also has an F2.8 lens, which is really handy.

It should be said that I have never used or even seen any of those cameras, I just know that there are a few people here who like them so I've seen them raving about them.

If you really like zoom, and are used to it... its really hard to replce it. TCs aren't bad, but they aren't as good as the "real thing". If you know you want zoom, then I'd put that very high on the list.

Also, after you narrow the list down to only 2 or 3, go to a store and check them out. Hold them in your hand. Make sure they "feel right". Check the button placement. Is it too big? You can read all you want, but actually seeing it is a different thing all together.
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Didn't include Minolta because the SLR's I had I wasn't too happy with.
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If I remember correctly, the Olympus 750 uz has a hot shoe.
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SSD is correct about the hot shoe on the C750. It is also 4mp and big zoom. It should be released for resale this month.
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