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Hello All,

i want to understand the lingo pf photograhy a bit better, and i really dot understand the size of the lens ex:33mm,438mm,738mm and so forth, is there a place on the camera that im just not seeing that says how far out the lens is?
Thanks a bunch
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Albert, check out this link:


It's a basic primer on lenses.

Unless you are using a DSLR camera, the millimeter markings on the lens just tell you the focal length range of the lens from shortest to longest. Many SLR lenses have additional markings on the barrel that give you a rough idea of the focal length the lens is currently set at. The exact focal length used when a certain picture was taken will usually be available in the exif data that is recorded with each picture. Most image editors will display such exif information which includes the shutter speed, lens aperture, ISO, date, etc.

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Click on a focal length at the bottom of the graphics and watch what happens to the angle of view (longer focal length = more apparent magnification = narrower angle of view):


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