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Hey everyone!

I am going to take some pictures of a buddies kids trick-or-treating on Halloween and I was wondering if I could get some advice. I'm tempted to put my camera in auto and shoot, but I'm trying to get away from using it as a crutch (and not learning proper technique).

I have a Nikon D200, an 18-200mm and a 50mm f1/4 lens, anda SB-800 flash.

Let me preface this with the fact that I am still learning the basics of photography. I have been using aperture and shutter priority modes primarily and full auto when I just can't miss a shot, but I have been working with full manual.

Can anyone give me some pointers on what I should practice beforehand to try and get great shots?


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Outside chasing them around, or posed someplace?

You'll need the flash, no doubt. The question is primarily if your forced to use it head-on or if you can take better advantage of it by bouncing off a wall, cieling, or umbrella. I believe you can use that setup (D200+SB800) wirelessly, that can also be used to your creative advantage.

There is a lot to think about and I'm in no position to teach, I dont even know where to start, but check out www.strobist.com and ignore the parts that talk about equipment you dont have. Your wireless setup is fine for this, and there are various techniques relating to hard light (direct, not bounced in an umbrella or elsewhere). Facing your subjects, I would try putting the light off to one side at a right angle to the camera, aimed across thier faces (as an example).

If outside at dark with an interesting scene, you could set the exposure manually for the ambient light THEN turn on your flash in auto and put your subject in the scene. The background exposure will be right and then the flash will adjust itself to light your subject properly. You'll probably need a tripod for the long exposure, but the flash will freeze the kids so subject movement wont be a big issue.

Just examples really, when it comes down to it you'll only be able to do things you've practiced before and there is a LOT that you could be trying. Heck, maybe it wont be dark and you could just use your 50/1.4 wide open.
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I will be definitely running around. I'm sure their neighbors will love me trapsing through all the yards.

Last year I used my Coolpix 8700 with the Sb-800 and it blasted everyone since the 8700 couldn't auto adjust, and I just wasn't fast enough.

I'll look through that link.

Thanks for the information.


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