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Just wondering if I should be looking for a pc cable for my new (used) flash. IF anyone could just give me a brief explaination of what it does that would be most helpful.

Thanks, Mark
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In this context, "pc" has nothing to do with computers! Its' a cable that performs the same function for the flash as a hot shoe would. It lets you fire the flash off-camera while on a bracket -- or in your hand, for that matter. On cameras with no hot shoe but a pc connection, it replaces the hot shoe connection for firing the flash.

If you have no interest in using the flash off-camera or with a camera that lacks a hot shoe, you don't need one.

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If your camera has pc sync connection, you can use it to trigger the external flash or control studio strobes. It is handy for use with a flash bracket which keeps the flash away from the centerline of the lens. This reduces redeye, and can create possibly more interesting shadows, especially when shooting portraits.

PC sync is generally more robust than the hotshoe connectors on most cameras, consisting of just a switch closure (maybe electronic switch), but doesn't support, AFAIK, multi-burst preflash for auto flash exposure.

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The PC connector on the camera and the PC cable for the flash is a simple contact closure at the time of shutter release to fire the flash. It does not support any advanced flash features, such as TTL.

However, depending on make and model of flash/camera, there are advanced flash cables available that will support the advanced flash features. However, these are multiple contact hotshoe units that connect via the hotshoe of both the camera and flash.
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