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I just got the A620 and I am overwhelmed with all the information in the manual. I would like some advice from someone that has this camera as far as taking concert pictures and what is the best setting for night shots etc. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. I still have not figured out how to download the pictures but I was thinking of just going to the local Walgreens and having them put them on a disk for now since I don't have a printer yet.

Thanks for all your help Lily
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You're probably going to have a lot of difficulty getting good images at a concert with this model.

Unfortunately, this type of photography is very demanding on a camera.

Your best bet is to try and get as close to the stage as possible. That's because a smaller camera like yours loses a lot of light as you zoom in more (your lens is about twice as bright at it's wide angle zoom setting, versus it's max telephoto zoom setting). So, don't zoom in any more than necessary.

Then, increase your ISO speed to around ISO 400 (it's highest setting). This will allow faster shutter speeds for the same lighting and aperture. Unfortunately, this will also increase noise levels (similar to film grain). So, the photos won't look as nice as they would using a lower ISO speed. But, because shutter speeds will be slower in low light, you'd get a lot of blur if you don't use a higher ISO speed in low light conditions like you'll have at most concerts.

You can use software to help reduce the grainy appearance (with the loss of some detail). Popular products include Neat Image and Noiseware

Note that the trial stand alone version of Neat Image doesn't expire and is free for home use. You'll also find a free "Community Edition" of Noiseware on their download page.

Chances are, you'll get the best color using the Incandescent versus Auto White Balance for concert lighting.

Unless you are within about 15 feet of the stage, turn your flash off. It won't help anyway, and your camera would probably try to use shutter speeds that are too fast for the lighting if you left it turned on (resulting in images that are too dark).

Then, take lots and lots of photos, trying to keep the camera as steady as possible when pressing the shutter button to reduce the amount of blur you'll get from camera shake. If you can find something to brace the camera on (or use a monopod), that can also help with blur from camera shake.

Using continuous mode can also help get more keepers. If you take enough photos, you may be able to get some without too much blur, if you keep viewing/print sizes small enough and can catch the performers when they are relatively still.

For night shots of stationary subjects, you'll want to use a tripod, keeping the ISO speed set lower instead of higher (which means that you'll have slower shutter speeds, but that's what a tripod is for). That way, you'll have less grain (using lower versus higher ISO speeds). You'll need to experiment with the shutter speed needed for best results (I'd probably use manual exposure).

Read through your manual to get a better idea of how to use your camera's features. You may also find the review here to be of help with menus and settings:


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Thanks for all your help. I really do appreciate it. Will definitely check the review. I will read the manual over and over again to see if I can eventually take good pictures.

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