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Default A couple of questions about my Sony DSC_P72


I have a couple of questions about my new P72.

First, I have taken about 160 pictures with this camera over the past 2 months and about 2 out of these 160 cannot be viewed using windows XP. The thumbnail view in the folder is OK but if I click on the thumbnail the image fails to load. Is this usual with digital photography that some images just don't "come out".

My second question is to do with downloading images to my PC. On 2 occasions I have had real trouble downloading. I connect the camera via the USB to the PC. The PC sees the memory card but sometimes cannot see the folders within the memory stick.
On Sunday I managed to download 3 images before an error occured - "Cyclic Redundancy Check failure". After this error I could no longer view the images stored on the memory stick. After about 30 minutes of disconnecting the USB and switching the camera on and off suddenly I could view and copy the images across.
This is most frustrating! Has anybody else had these problems? I don't know if the problem is the PC (windows XP), the USB cable, the camera or the memory stick! - Please advise,
Thanks in advance,
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the message "Cyclic Redundancy Check failure" very often is caused by the medium error(with dirty or scratched CD u often get this message during instalation)So, in your case
first- try other USB cable(but i think , this will not help)
second and most probable- the problem is in memory stick.

and to your first problem, with memory stick error, pictures on it may get corupted and cant be viewed.
man, 160 pictures during 2 months????I have this camera 1 week and I have taken more than 1000 pictures
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