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Hi I have a recently new (july 06) canon sd600 camera and I am having trouble taking clear pictures at hte highest settings. I use to take pictures simply by pointing and shoot and they turned out great in all lighting conditions. However, 2 weeks ago, I tried taking some pictures just as I usually would and when i would zoom in once, after taking them, they would appear grainy or noisy. I dont know whats wrong if i played with a setting or something, but i cant seem to fix it through the settings.

I would appreciate any help that you can give.

Thank you.
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Check what ISO the camera is taking the pictures at.

The higher the ISO the more sensitive the camera is to light (so it can be used in darker areas without flash) but the noiser the picture becomes.

Also check what resolution you are taking the pics at and make sure you have not set it to lowest size as some cameras have a very small size of picture useful for sending via email but little else.
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also make sure you have the digital zoom turned off. This can also add grain
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i have an sd600 also

the camera has many sentitivity modes even in full auto


Iso auto is the default setting. Goes up to ISO400 for pics, which is kinda noisy but still ok. Most pics are between 80 and 200 which is fairly clean.

ISO HI goes all the way up to 800, which is just noisy as heck, and i think it gives preference to higher ISO in general... most pics taken at 400

Make sure you haven't set iso to a very high value or ISO HIGH mode.

Also one thing to consider is what kind of pic you're taking?

Flash or broad daylight is fet to the correct iso mode (iso auto) should have no noise. But a darkish, nonflash image may have more noise if set to a higher ISO.

Change ISO modes by presing the UP key when in shooting mode. Pressing up repeatedly will cycle though modes.

Let us know if this helps

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For best picture quality,choose 100 or less for ISO. Not auto for ISO. 100 ISO should cover just about any daylight outdoor shooting except perhaps at twilight on a cloudy day or with fast moving subjects.

Indoors without flash or with flash over about 12 feet, you have no choice but to go to higher ISO, say 400 or more. Here it is a matter of either getting a grainy picture or no picture at all.

For an automatic camera, changing the ISO and nothing else does not brighten or darken the picture unless the camera is running up against its limits for shutter speed, etc.

Useful digital camera hints:


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