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Default Best actioncamera?


I'm going to get a new camera quite soon....
I'm looking for a good actioncamera as I go to a lot of car racing events ect.
I have been looking at the Fuji s602 and it seems a good deal to me.
Are there any other cameras to look for that have the same features?
6x zoom, manual settings ect?

// magnus
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I will talk in "mm", not "x" because "x" is a relative term. A 100-400mm is a "4x" lens, and it would work well for pictures at car racing events. But a 25-100mm is also a "4x" lens, and it wouldn't work well.

The s602 has a 35-210mm lens. That isn't bad. With a teleconverter you'll probably get the reach you need. The problem is that unless you are going to small race tracks, you won't get a very good seat for close car shots. That means that you'll be sitting further a way and need a longer zoom lens to get a decently framed shot. The s602 can also do 5 frames per second is quite good, actually. Useful when you need to fire off multiple pictures and hope that one is in focus.

You have two choices when taking pictures if cars (taken from discussions at the forums on dpreview.con.) Prefocus the camera at a given point, then track the car as it gets to that point, and take the picture when it gets there. Or you can depend on Focus tracking (some manufacturers call it AI Servo.) I don't believe the s602 has that feature, though. Also, you should try to get the picture when they are in a turn so that the cars are going slower.

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Default Speed

I've seen a few races and things happen real fast somtimes.

One thing you might want to check is the cycle time between shots.
My (older) camera takes so long to cycle at hi-res, I have to switch to Low-res for any kind of fast action (people walking at a wedding etc).
Low-res is okay for the web, but you can't make good prints from them.

I've used one (cheap) digicam that had a 2 second delay after I pushed the shudder! No good for taking snaps of the kids. They are all ready gone by the time the flash goes off.

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