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Old Dec 12, 2006, 11:10 PM   #1
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Just bought the Nikon D80 kit at Costco tonight and was showing it to my housemate when he recommended I buy a UV filter for my lenses - not only to filter UV, but to also protect the lenses from being scratched. That got me thinking...what else should I buy? I already have a neck strap and a carrying case (included as part of the kit). My current shopping list includes:
  • high-speed SD card (1GB Extreme III)[/*]
  • UV filters[/*]
  • lens cleaning kit
I got the camera as I'll be doing a lot of traveling with Semester at Sea next year (http://www.semesteratsea.com/voyages...itinerary.html), and I want to be completely ready to take some awesome shots.
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Old Dec 13, 2006, 3:43 AM   #2
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Maybe a portable hard drive to back up all of the pictures you'll be taking...and I assume you will have many photo ops on your trip. I checked you itinerary...wow!

Bon voyage.

the Hun

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Old Dec 13, 2006, 6:43 AM   #3
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Definitely a Circular Polarizer filter. With all that blue, you'll see a big benefit from it.

As mentioned - you'll need a LOT more storage than a 1 gig card. That card will only get you about 300 pictures. Not very much at all. So you'll need some device for offloading pictures every day.

I recommend getting a Giottos Rocket Blower for cleaning your lenses and your camera sensor. A word of caution here - try to avoid changing lensees on beaches and the like - blowing sand you don't even notice really is a pain when it gets inside your camera.

You also might want to invest in a tripod. I realize funds are probably tight - but even a $80 tripod could be a huge benefit. You'll probably have the chance to see some amazing landscapes and some beautiful sunrises / sunsets. A tripod will help. Normally I advise against a cheap tripod (anything under say $180) - but as long as you're using a smaller lens, an $80 tripod should get you through the trip without damage.

Last but not least - insure the camera gear. State Farm offers Personal articles policies that will insure the gear while you're overseas. Trying to use homeowners or renters insurance may not cover damage for such a trip. So be sure to ask an agent if the gear will be covered on the trip.
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I hope I'm not stating the obvious but you may also want to consider a spare battery. I don't know much about the Nikon but the batterry pack in my Alpha seems to give up at the most inconvenient times.

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Old Dec 14, 2006, 8:41 AM   #5
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You may also want to get a LCD protector for your camera's LCD panel from getting scratched up.

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Old Dec 14, 2006, 11:34 AM   #6
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The D80 comes with one, though I've actually taken it off for now .

I've been playing a bit, and something that I may buy (that I think could have been included) is a remote. This is not just useful for being in pics, but for taking tripod/sitting on rock type pictures in lower light. Not as important on a ship, but maybe in port .

We used to paddle a lot, and all of the SLR folk always had Peli cases. Maybe not as much an issue on a ship, but something waterproof would be good.

I looked at doing a similar programme on a 'tall ship' for my final year of high school, but it was way out of our budget. I was young and assumed my parents should pay for it anyways . Have a great time.

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Old Dec 14, 2006, 7:41 PM   #7
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you will definitelywant a circular polizer as John G suggested, and a tripod. There are several arguements for and agaisnt the UV filters, personally all the one I thought I need are now in a box.Buton a beach situation with blowing sand I would probably put one on. A portable hard drive storage was also suggested but on topof that I would have more than one card anyway.Most of the portable drives areslow to transfer, so nice to have another cardor two to pop in till you have time to down load.The spare battery is a must too. And above all insurance...don't leavehome without it.
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Old Dec 14, 2006, 7:53 PM   #8
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Just my opinion, but here goes:

- I never bother with UV filters. Just keep the lens cap on when your not using tghe camera and take a little care.

- Get a Canon lens cleaning kit.

- I don't bother with filters because you can pretty much apply any effect you want with softare.

- Get a case. When your not using your camera, store it in its case and keep it out of harms way.

- At some point you might want to get a tripod, but maybe not right away.

- Eventually you will maybe want to get some differnt lenses.

- If you are "at sea", salt, sand and salt water will pack up your camera in no time at all. usually I use a disposable camera in harsh condiations. I would never take any decent camaera on a sailing trip (sorry).

- Maybe later on you wil get an external flash.

Good luck bro!

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A Nikon SB-800 speedlight flash would be nice to have.

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