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Hello, i'm new to this forum, and i'm here with a problem, let me explain:

I recently bought a DCR-HC36 Sony digital "handycam"/camcorder. It works really well, however, I recently recorded an 8 minute video on it, and attempted to upload it to my computer via USB port. The software it came with is "Picture Package", wherein an application opens accessing the cameras "play mode" and plays the content through the computer whilst I click the record button etc.

Anyway, once it gets onto the PC, it saves it as a .avi file, this 8 minute video ran up to 3.3 gigabytes. Now I mainly got this camcorder for YouTube videos and videos I could send to family and friends online, i'm sure all of you know 3.3 gigabytes is way to much to be sent anywhere.

I have used windows movie maker to do a similiar thing picture package does, however, the picture darkens, and after 6 min or so, the playback in the windows movie maker "capture preview" gets choppy.

Am I doing something wrong? I called sony tech support, they recommend VGA mode, but told me my model didn't come with it. They recommended thatI change my recording mode from SP to LP, I did that, and even reduced the video quality by half on Picture Package, still it hasn't reduced it the massive memory hogging.

Even moreso, I have used Xilisoft video converter and have attempted to convert the .avi file to both mpeg-2 and .wmv, the mpeg-2 version was a black screen with just audio. The .wmv conversion had a successful reduction in space taking (from 1.4 gigabytes it became 22 mb) however, the quality was reduced to greenish and red lines as well and a distortion beyond recognition on said saved clip.

Is there some type of video editing software I need to acquire in order to save the files off the camcorder in something other than .avi files? Tech support told me "thats just the way it is" because of the good quality of digital cameras taking up space. But i'm sure YouTube members have recorded with their digital cameras and uploaded it to YouTube (where the max upload is 100 mb).

Im sorry for rambling on, and if you read this far I thank you already, but i'd appreciate any help or advice on this.

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You may have better luck asking this question in a camcorder specific group and forum, such as those in camcorderinfo <--- look up the website in Google.

(Sorry I can't post the website link here, because it has been asterisked here before)
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As already stated, you are really in the wrong forum. This is for digital still cameras. You might want to try something like ********* (that was camcorderinfo dot com)

But I will try to offer some help.

First, you have a miniDV camcorder. It is best to use Firewire (not USB) to transfer the video to your computer.

Second, your system must be able to handle the data rate and must be properly prepared beforehand.

When you transfer DV video from your camcorder to your computer, it comes across in real time, no if ands or buts. Your computer system MUST be able to capture and store that data in real time also. That means that you must have hardware capable of capturing the data, and you must have free disk space for storage. It is best to use a separate hard drive dedicated to capturing video data. It is also essential to ensure the drive is not fragmented.

If everything is not perfect, then you will not have a successful capture and you will get what is called *dropped frames*.

Third, get a decent video editing program. Forget the microsoft junk. There are a number of semi-decent entry level programs around the $100 mark.

Adobe Premier Elements is one, and Sony have the Sony Movie Maker. There are others.

AVI is the format DV data arrive in. That's it, no options. Once captured, however, you can convert it to other formats. The above mentioned packages should have alternate output options. There are also stand alone converters available.

Hope that helps.
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