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Makes one wonder how we ever took pictures before autofocus, autoexposure and all the other wizbang things of modern technology came along. I shot maybe 30,000 pictures before Iused my first autofocus camera, I still manually focused it most of the time because it was faster and more accurate :blah:
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Ya know Steve... I had a very similar thought.
It might be easier with a histogram or a built-in meter, but it certainly isn't necessary.

A friend of mine tells a story about Ansel Adams and how he got this famous picture:
Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941

The story goes that he didn't have time to apply this zone system to get the image. It would have required too many meter readings (and the moon would have moved.) But he realized he knew the reflective qualities of the moon, and therefor could pick the aperture he wanted and knew instantly what the proper shutter speed was (and therefor the proper exposure)... he set it up and took 1 picture.

I was lucky enough to see a version printed by Ansel himself when an exhibit of his came through town. It was the only picture they didn't put under glass (to reduced reflections.) Truly a stunning image. I almost purchased the book for this exhibit, but I saw that the book didn't come close to reproducing the actualy quality of this print... I'd rather have the image in my mind than a low-quality substitute.

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Yep.. my first "serious" camera was an old Canon Rangefinder my father handed down to me that didn't even have a built in meter.

I've got it in closet somewhere (along with a hand held meter for it), complete with a big external flash (more of a reflector with a bulb socket in the middle) that I think I might even have some flashbulbs left for. lol

But, more often than not, I'll stick to Av mode and use Exposure Compensation with a modern camera. If lighting is difficult, I'll go manual (live music indoors with crazy lighting, etc.). Ditto when using a flash (manual helps me to better balance ambient versus flash and I'm not using a dedicated flash). But, outdoors, I rarely use manual exposure.

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