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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the tip..!! One question: Is panning following your subject slowly with your camera whilst takin the shot..???
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Yes, panning is following a moving subject.

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wrams wrote:
Firstly i just wanna know how all you folks keep your camera so still when takin your pictures ( I don't mean with a Tripod) I look at your photographs and think "amazing shots"...Then i try taking a shot and all i get is camera shake...What or where am i going wrong...Every shot comes out blurry...

Should i grab a handful of Valium or down a bottle of Brandy first...To com my nerves...Only thing is i'm not a nervous person...Please help i've tried different stances and holding the camera each and every way possible but still not getting a steady hold of things....

Please give me some advice as to get around this or are we all in the same boat....
Grab an image-stabilized lens for your 30D. I find that my Pentax K100D really helps me get sharper shots since it has shake reduction built into the body. Or, you can get a tripod, use mirror-lockup and sharp prime lenses. Then you'll get photos as sharp as possible.

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Another angle might be....you have a physical problem that causes you to have hand shake. In my case, it's been being flipped over in a high-speed bass boat, plus a couple of end-overs on mountain bikes (my 4th - 7th spinal discs are pretty much ruined). Plus those discs control the arms & hands.

Soooo, until Minolta came out with the A1 & anti-shake (now a 7D), I was relegated to a tripod for all my shots.....don't get too discouraged though. Most of my best shots were made from a tripod (it makes you think more, compose better & gives you more time to get a model's mind into the shot goals).
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I know exactly what this person is dealing with. I have personaly experenced this while shooting an important event, so important that itgives you nervous hands. I would also like to know of a way to deal with this too.
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This is why God invented Vibration Reduction/Image Stabilization/Anti-Shake/Shake Reduction/Whatever...

2 years ago, I went around my neighborhood on Christmas Eve with my Nikon CoolPix 880 to take pictures of the decorations for our community's newsletter. 80% of the pictures were useless. This year I used my Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D with Anti-Shake, and 95% of the shots were great.
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wrams wrote:
I haven't got any shoots as i've hated them so have deleted them from my card

Auto is fine but i just can't get round the manual settings only just learning about this camera...30D
If auto is fine then you are not shaking the camera, or doing anything wrong other than using the wrong settings for the scene in question. so I would put it on full auto half press the shutter then write down the settings the camera says it wants to shoot at, then put the camera into Manual and transfer the settings or as near as you can, then take the shot and see if it is any better.

But what ever you do don't stop taking photo's you'll get there, I know this because I am a novice myself with DSLR but I am getting there with the help of these good people who contribute so much of their time to help.

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