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When you remove the two biggest reasons for using it, it is quite hard to give an example.

For me, the reasons for RAW are these - in this order:
) Not having to worry about white balance in the field. Just makes my life eaiser (although auto-whitebalance has gotten better.)
) Having 12-bits per pixel instead of 8-bits per pixel means that I have more data to work with. This comes out in the next two reasons.
) Recovering burned out hilights that literally would have had *no* data in a JPG.
) Blending multiple exposures together to get more dynamic range
) Being able to fix exposure without drawing out dark noise as much.

With Photoshop CS3, you'll be able to put JPG's through the RAW converter, so fixing white balance in JPGs might not be an issue any more (it's possible that the results won't be as good as with RAW, but at least it will be as easy. I haven't tested it.)

Being able to fix exposure mistakes is big (not just blending for more dynamic range, but fixing blown out parts.)

If you remove the exposure and white balance, then you're left with it containing more data per pixel than JPG. This has saved me at times.

This image isblown out in parts. In JPG I would have no data to recover. Because I took it in RAW, there was data in the blown hilight that I could recover by blending multiple conversions:

Note that this is *full frame*, prints very large (13x19 - and larger), and I've sold it framed several times. I would probably have thrown out the image if I'd taken it in jpg because the hilight would have been unrecoverable (and my personal "morals" wouldn't have let me create synthetic data for the blown out part.)

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Thanks Eric,

That makes sense. And I could see witth wildlife clipped highlights being a real issue.

As for CS3 - I hope that works. But then again, if it does they'll probably charge $800 for the package :G
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