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New Olympus 'Pro' dSLR - called the P1
  • A new professional digital SLR, successor to the existing E-1 model. This new model will apparently offer fulltime live view, and is the first SLR we've seen with a tilt / swivel LCD display. Although we've seen possible model names mentioned elsewhere, Olympus' press release states that the name for this new model has not been decided, and the camera is referred to as a "concept" by Olympus America, suggesting that there may still be tweaks made to the design before release.[/*]
  • Three new lenses with Supersonic Wave Drive autofocusing. These lenses will be a 12-60mm f2.8 - 4.0, a 14-35mm f2.0, and a 50-200mm f2.8-3.5, respectively.[/*]
  • A 70-300mm lens with f4.0-5.6 maximum aperture. This lens won't offer SWD autofocus, unlike the other three mentioned previously.[/*]
  • A 2.0x teleconverter.[/*]

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Just out of curiousity - why was this thread moved to 'Newbie Help' ? :O It seems a very strange place indeed to put it - even more so when considering it was originally posted in 'What Camera Should I Buy' as it could hardly get more pertinent than that
I didn't move it. But, it was not a "What Camera Should I Buy" type post and we don't have a forum setup specifically for news. So, yes, it got probably got moved by Steve or Kalypso.

This was a thread regarding a few new models that were announced at PMA, and any new member can also find new product announcements on our Breaking News Page, as well as see more products launched leading into PMA on our PMA 2007 Show Report page (and Steve will continue to update these pages as products are announced and embargos lifted).

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Understood Jim.

However I put it in the other forum because there are so many threads running on just the question of buying a new dSLR and all of these cameras are going to be new options for many of those OP's.

Just seems more relevant.
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More relevant to what members though? ;-)

It was a post mentioning a two new models out of *many* new models already announced (and likely, there are even more on the way), with more being added as the thread progressed. Being able to glance at our PMA report page or Breaking News page gives them a more complete list of models to get a better idea of where the industry is heading.

Chances are, it's going to be a while before many of these new models are available on store shelves anyway.

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JohnG wrote:

Out of curiosity - what camera are you shooting with now? The D40 and D200 are opposite ends of the spectrum . Just curious.

D50 w/ 12 - 24 f4 Tokina.

(the opposite of most people- I pick the glass (range at least) first, then the body)

I'm interested in a 2nd body for a medium tele (most likely 50mm f1.4 = effectively 75mm).

I like the compact, lightweight body & price point of the D40, & the 2.5 lcd. But the lens limitations are unworkable - imo. I don't really want another D50 (lcd & viewfinder size). D80 is not fish or fowl . . . Leaving the D200 . . . At least, that's how I'm seeing it

I almost bought a 5D, but it was a stretch (especially with the 85mm f1.2). Thank God the rebates are gone so the temptation is under control. Now if those were double(or triple) instant (vs mail in) rebates . . .



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I guess you could also include:

Canon EOS-1D Mark III
10.1 MP
1.3x EFL factor
45 AF points (19 cross type)
10 FPS
ISO 50-6400
Anti-dust system
3" LCD
Live View
300,000 cycle shutter
14 bit image processing
Magnesium alloy casing with dust and moisture seals
$3999 - available in April

Hasselblad H3D-31

31 MP
44x33mm sensor
0.78 EFL factor (or really a "full frame" 48mm medium format)
Max ISO 800
$24,995 - available now

Sigma SD-14

14 MP effective (5MP Foveon sensor)
1.7 EFL factor
Pentaprism viewfinder
ISO 100-1600
5 point AF
$1599 available now (as of March 6)

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