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Default Yet another newvie looking for some advice

I've been lurking for awhile and I have not seen anyone asking for help with the situation I find myself in.

I am looking to purchase a Digital camera to replace my old Nikon F series that has surrendered to it's old age.

My requirements I think may be odd for consumer/prosumers.

I want a camera that has a traditional form factor. The weight is important for a number of reasons, but I want the feel of a camera in my hand. I am not worried about being able to fit it in a pocket.. since that thought just bothers me.

I am looking for a camera with a 3MP to 5MP range, preferably prosumer quality, not high end like the EOS or E-1.

Interchangable lenses are not required, but the body tube should have a versatile range for shooting close and far images. A CCD with workable action framerates would be nice, but is not my main focus.

Ideally it would be Compact Flash/Microdrive capable.

My use intentions are two fold - I am an artist and would like something I can quickly snap visual reference or model shots with as well as being able to do more traditional photography tasks such as portrait, wedding and sports work.

Most importantly I am looking to invest no more than $2000 on this camera including battery, filters and possibly a hotshoe flash(though that might not be reasonable to expect).

I hope you all can help me, or at least give me some idea of my expectations are reasonable for this medium at this time.

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Minolta Dimage 7hi or the Fuji S602 seem to fit the bill.

If you have a collection of Nikon lenses left over, you may want to take a look at the Fuji S2 or Nikon D100. *Supposedly* the new Nikon D2 is coming out on July 22, so there *may* be a price drop in the very near future across the board for DSLRs. It could be useful to wait a few more days to see what kind of deals may spring up.
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Canon G3/G5, Nikon 5700, Sony F707 or Fuji S602 .....

I lean towardss the canon becaus eit is big enough to feel likea real camera (way, way too big to go in one's pocket) but small enough to cart around all day stress free.

That camera is just so hard to ignore ... as much as i hate to admit it.
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Thanks for the feedback,

I spoke with the Managing editor for Art and Photo at work and he actually suggested I look at the Canon 10d or EOS d60 because of the Digital SLR price drops. I played a bit with the 10d he had and I liked the features.. now to find one in my price range.
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Hi Ssines,

I hope the $2000 is in USD because if you are in Canada the Canon 10-D Pro is $2499 for the body alone, no lens.

Assuming you are in Canada try
http://www.kerrisdalecameras.com/ they are knowledgable and are not bias to one paticular brand.

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The Sony 707 was metioned in an earlier reply, and I thought I would throw my two cents in regarding this camera. Sony has upgraded this particualr camera which is now the DSC-717. As far as creative work, you would be hard pressed to find a more versatile camera. This camera has an infra red beam that allows you to shoot pics in complet darkness without a flash. For me, this comes in handy at Disneyland taking pics on attractions where flash is not allowed. This feature also allows alot of creative juice to be shown in your shots. The 717 is also one of the few cameras, form what I have read, that allows daytime infra red shooting which can offer some stunning results. The camera body and lens are of simular design to a standard SLR, but not perfectly so. I am an amateur at this so my advice before buying anything, take a look at the copius amounts of information available here at Steves, and see what you think. This camera does it all, and then some.
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